7/17 Shelby GT500 Video (new hood version)

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by PolkThug, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Thanks for the video

    Great video. Funny how the guy showing the car is talking about how no pictures or video are supposed to be taken of the car or he could lose his job if they got out on the internet.

    Oh well, his loss, our gain.

    Thanks for the link to the video.
  2. Awwwww......man. That thing sounds awesome. Whats up with the hood though? And whats with the douchebag mentioning an STI or EVO when there is an 07 Shelby nearby? I would've nicely escorted his a$$ from the building. I have so many more ?'s... :hail2: :nice: :drool: :banana: :flag:

    BTW, That SVT guy has the coolest job EVER.(Except maybe **** Star or Playboy photographer).
  3. Great vid...def saving this one
  4. Was that really a 5.4L under the hood?

    From the sound of the engine, I have my doubts that car really had the 5.4...infact that would explain why he did not want to open the hood. I think it still had the 4.6 3V.

    Maybe it's one of those things where you just have to be there in person to hear the motor roar. :damnit:
  5. Holy sh1t! I personally know the guy who's in the car! He's a designer at SVT. Before the car debuted in NY I tried everything to get him to tell me something about the car. It would be easier to steal gold from Ft. Knox than to get him to give up any insider info. He actually a really cool, down to earth guy.
  6. I agree b/c I'm pretty sure you would have heard the whine of the s/c.
  7. Holy **** me too. You're right, the guy is like a walking Fort Knox. Actually I was told once why you can't open the hood. I once asked to see it and I was flat out denied. Something about trade secret or something, I can't remember. To the best damn internship ever! :hail2:
  8. No way!! I thought the SVT logo on his shirt and the fact he was in the Cobra meant he was a GM employee or something. Wow.

    jk lol :D