7.5" rear - capabilities?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by StangyStealth, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Hey guys.. Just a quick question... I am going to start modding my 98 v6 pretty heavily soon. what is the HP limit of the stock rear end? I have heard it is around 300 rwhp? Well, i wont be there, unless i spray (might, might not). Also, the tranny? Holds up to about the same??

  2. If you don't plan on reaching 300hp, you should be fine.

    It would be good to toss on a 8.8" positrac rear end though just incase you change your mind ;) GT take-off would be the way to go for that.
  3. just use the stock one till it breaks, if it holds up then it holds up...
  4. yeah run it till you blow it. I have one and a 351w in my 86...mind you the engine is stock, but it hasnt blown yet.
  5. You should be pretty safe for a while with 300-350hp as long as you're using street tires and not slicks. (Mostly because street tires generally won't get enough traction with that much power to break the rear) There shouldn't be any major rush, but I would change over to an 8.8 eventually though.
  6. Well, the way i see it, is it will be about the same price.. A guy here has a 8.8 off of a low mile 88 gt that wants $200 for it.. So, $200 plus $189 for gears and $200 for isntall = $589.. Or, $189 for gears, $170 for tlok, and $200 for install = $559. .. $30 more, but have a 8.8"
  7. True, but I was assuming he already had a tlock. Or if not, he wasn't getting one (which would be a dumb idea... but still, you never know).
  8. i broke mine with barly over stock hp and tq and 3.73s with a soft 2200 rpms launch.... i would buy an 8.8 and svae my self some money.