"7-up Edition" and "ASC/McLaren" get no respect!!!!

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  1. I own a 1990 LX 5.0 5-speed "7-up edition". Only 1360 5-speeds were produced.

    I also own a 1988 ASC/McLaren Mustang. Only 1015 were made in 88.
  2. you got mine. There are alot of Mustangs out there I just love and the 7-Up LX is one of them. I wanted one so bad when i got out of high school, but insurance would have killed me on a minimum wage job.
    ASC's are also cool, don't see 'em to much anymore. They were rare back in the day.
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  4. Technically there is no 7up edition mustang because the deal fell through. To ford its just a forrest green mustang. But I do like the Mclarens.

  5. But they will forever be known in Ford circles as "7-ups" and its Emerald green not forest.
  6. I hope I didnt make any of you mad. I was just stating a fact, and I stand corrected it is emerald green. I know a guy with a "7 up" mustang, its an auto and it needs repainted.
  7. Almost all factory unique Mustangs get my attention. I've always liked the "7-up" Mustangs as I've always loved the 15 inch turbine wheel...sometimes I feel like the only one who actually appreciated the tough stance the 87-90 Mustang GTs had with these rims and it really gave the LXs a clean, but tougher look IMO. Now, they were a PITA to keep clean, but well worth it. I was never a big fan of the 10 hole LX wheels or the 91/92 16 inch 5 stars on the GTs.

    I also appreciate the McLarens, but I've probably only seen one or two in person. I'll tell ya another unique Fox I like...the 92 (?) red LX convertible with the white top and white wheels.

  8. yionk. :D

  9. From the MCA Grand National Show this weekend. Click the pics for more.


  10. Tonight l just bought a 1990 Lx convertible 5.0L auto 7-up mustang, with white int and emerald green ext.This is my first mustang and what a score. :banana: :banana:
  11. I've got a 7up stang for sale in KY. I bought it to re-do but I now realize I dont have the time or patience. I want something that is already complete. If anyone is interested check out my classified on this website or email me for pictures!
  12. Its very hard to sell a "special edition" car. No one seems to want to buy one. even with 42k miles on it.....
  13. im 16 yrs old and my father gave me this mustang ...its a 88 asc mclaren and the previous owner really didn;t know the true value of this car being rare and took of the production number emblem :(

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  14. slightly insane, ill do some dirty stuff to you for that stang
  15. whoa....you really have some issues, i think you should go see a phychologist you sick mother ****er!
    by the way heres some more pictures
  16. sorry but i hate the 2 seater stangs...makes the back end look super long with the top up, but i'm biased cause i dont like verts either...but i DO appriciate the rareness of them and i'd still own one. I'm much more for the ACS McLaren Capris myself...sorry the pic stinks.
  17. there is a nice 7up vert for sale in my area for only 4200. Only 40K miles!!! have not called on it though as my garage is full.
  18. I would go for the $4200, with that low miles it is definitely worth it. See my sig for my 7-up 5-speed, slightly modified but nothing but stuff that can be put back to stock. 223000 miles on it yes 223k. Hate it when the top is up and love it when it is down. CHeck out my site for picks. Also here is a link to a guy with a LOT of 7-up info on his stangnet site.

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