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  1. Anyone got info on the promotional 7-Up edition Mustang 5.) convertable? How many produced, how to spot a fake, what year made, are they worth anything. Any info is appreciated.
  2. from what i know (which probably isn't much) there was never a special production 7up because they couldn't get the licensing. it's just an emerald green or whatever green it is. limited production yes special edition no.
  3. do a search in the special productions forum, there have been quite a few threads about this and pace cars.
  4. 7UP Stang ??? arrgggg... Why not a McDonald Stang... with a big yellow M.... Shame on the guy who even thought about that..
  5. I have one of these Mustangs (obviously) and I find it to be very good looking... drichard. I have done some research on the car, and have found out that noone really know all that much about them. They were made in 1990, came in Deep Emerald Green, and had an all white interior, with a white top. They also had the "Turbine" style rims(which are impossible to clean might I add) I found one site that gave the following numbers:

    Total Production: 4,103
    5-Speeds: 1,360
    Automatics: 2,743

    However, I also found a site that claims only 2,000 total were made, so I don't quite know whats up there. Also, there is supposedly a 7 Up Mustang Registry, but so far I have yet to get the "President" to email me back.

    So maybe that should answer some of your questions I hope to get some pictures of my Stang that I'm in the middle of restoring up sometime soon, but if you do a Google search, you can find a lot of sites with info on them.
  6. They are just special edition green pony's w/ white interior. 7-UP never endorsed them, but that doesn't mean they aren't sweet rides.
  7. True they were never endorsed, 7-up pulled out of the deal because ford decided to make to many of them. 7-up supposedly gave a few to thier staff but I have not found any info on quantities or Identifying marks.

    Here is a site on stangnet

    Its got some good info

  8. i have had the same problem with not getting that Email back from the registry. I completely restored my 5-speed 7UP. tons of pics at www.cardomain.com/id/5litermustang i put a lot of work into it and now i will always remember it as my "high school car" i love it.
  9. I also attempted to contact the registry and had no response. It seems like there should be somewhere out there we can get some complete info on the 7-up side of the deal. I have been unable to find out anything. Nice resto, My interior is the only thing I need to get redone. I did not keep mine stock but also I did not modify it so I can not put stuff back. Did you have your interior done by a shop and how do you like the outcome. A guy I know here had his 7-up redone by a shop and he said that it does not seem to be very durable now.
  10. ya, i got it done by a small interior shop. I only got the front seats done, i just had to clean the rear seats. I was working on a very tight budget, so i replaced them with vinyl. I built my whole car for under $2500
  11. I redid my front seats in Vinyl several years ago also, they look bad again so I figured I would try doing the wholee thing in leather this time. I found a place that has front and rear seat leather for $800, just have to install it yourself, everything is presewn so it is supposed to be pretty easy.
  12. the vinyl is fine for me... if anything, i'm less worried about it if anything happens to them..


    oh ya, here's my car...

  13. a limited edition lx convertable was offered in deep emerald jewel green. White top, white leather with sport seats. Turbine wheels, luggage rack, made in 1990. Ford originally planned on building 3800, but customer demand raised it to 4301. Fewer than 10% were ordered with manual tranny. One report indicates that the green and white color combo was attributed to a regional promotional program involving ford and 7up. Another report implies promotional ties with NCAA college b-ball, or with the NBA.
  14. ...by the way, this info came out of 'the official ford mustang 5.0 tech. reference and performance handbook' (the god of all mustang books :nice:)