'70-71 2bbl intake?

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  1. Hey all, thought this would be the place to ask this:

    I just bought a '71 302 motor with a 2bbl intake on it, casting number begins with DOOE.... Is this worth trying to sell/ship? I'm guessing I'll be better off getting scrap iron money for it, just kinda wondering out loud...
  2. Need more numbers. D0OE (that second character is a zero, not the letter "o") is just the start of the chain. For instance, some pretty good early Windsor heads have casting numbers starting with "D0OE". But the 302 intake? :shrug: All that's indicated is that it was a 1970 era casting.
  3. Scrap. They aren't worth the shipping.
  4. 2bbl 302 intakes are almost as common as dirt. scrap the intake as you will get more money for it that way, and you dont have to pay shipping up front.
  5. pull the intake and make sure you don't have one of the Mexican blocks, it will say "hecho on mexico" in the lifter valley, if so some people will pay good money for those.
  6. Already did. It's not a Mexican block. From my understanding the Mexican blocks were simply cast into the late 70s/early 80s with the older casts, so a block as early as '71 is the strong USA made block anyway.

    It is for sure a 1971 block. The intake is a non EGR setup. It'll most likely get scrapped.