70 must. Which lokar throttle cable??

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by jasonn, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Anybody running a lokar cable on a 70 mustang?? I put a vic jr on mine now and the stock cable does work, but it right on the limit as far as length goes. I would like to try a carb spacer, but the cable is too short. If so, what part # did you use?? Thanks much!!:nice:
  2. Nobody use a lokar cable??:shrug:
  3. We installed one in my son's '70 this weekend. We hooked it to an Edelbrock 600CFM carb on the 5.0 HO convesion we're doing.

    I picked up the kit at a local speed shop (Lopers).I think the number was DP-1000HT. It had the cable and the bracket. We had to shorten it per instructions. We didn't need the whole clevis set-up on the gas pedal side, but the cable alone worked fine there. Seems to work great, and looks nice too.
  4. i installed one similar to the lokar cable from a local parts store (kragen) it was a universal cable which was pretty simple to cut and install and looks just like the real lokar cable just was a lot cheaper. you might want to look into that if you want to save money and you need it soon.

  5. Question for other Lokar throttle cable users, how did you attach the gas pedal end of the cable? The eyelet on the engine side of the gas pedal is too large for the clevis.
  6. I put a lokar on mine but I don't have the PN and don't remember how I attached it. Sorry. It's been years. Probably the amount of time it will take me to find the information you'll already be done figuring it out for yourself.