1. Im about to buy a typhoon and T body. Should I get the 70 or 75? They are the same price, I'd rather grab the 75. This is for a combo im putting together that includes an M90 setup (8-10psi) still looking for what heads and cam I want.
  2. 70mm.. thats what i run.. and i will be running the same as you with the M90 and typhoon.. lol
  3. 75. There was a HUGE debate about this either on here or the corral, do a search and you'll see.
  4. Really does depend on your setup, but if you are going to super charge then go with the 75.

  5. Prolly going with a set of tristate gt40 heads, f303 cam, and typhoon intake.
  6. blah, why gt40's?
  7. They are 500 bucks, Dont really have 1000 in the budget for heads
  8. $500 assembled?

    I would save a little more and get some TW's or AFR heads....You would definatly feel a difference, especially once you get supercharged:nice:
  9. I got my trickflows brand new for $800. Save the cash and buy a good set of heads.

  10. PM me a link and ill buy them.
  11. :scratch: gt40's that ported will surpport a M90(only push about 5lbs or so stock) if it was a s/c like ur i would do the TW or 185's.

    if u plan to upgrade then get the tw or 185 but if not the ported gt40's will do just fine
  12. Your kidding right. Those 185's are 1,200 new, with rockers easily 1,400. He's saving a good penny, plus please find me a set of afrs USED for less than a grand.

    For his heads, yes gt40s do suck. Forced air is forced air, either way he will need a good flowing set of heads. Plus why skimp on one of the most crucial parts to the top end? What if he plans to upgrade in the future? He's going to be pushing 10lbs, not 5.
  13. i stated that if he plans to upgrade then get the tw or 185's but with all the fab work u have to do to run the m90 i dont think he will upgrade anytime soon maybe never. thier are not many 5.0 with the m90 cause all the work u have to do.

    here is a thread about it. a eaton m90 made 290rwhp with stock heads, lower intake, headers and so on. so the gt40's will do fine as stated before
  14. So im looking at these World Products Roush heads, they are Iron and i can get a pair shipped for 830.

    This is from Summit:

    WRL-053040-1 $409.88

    Brand: World Products
    Product Line: World Products Windsor Sr Cylinder Heads
    Cylinder Head Style: Assembled
    Cylinder Head Material: Cast iron
    Cylinder Head Finish: Natural
    Combustion Chamber Volume (cc): 64
    CNC Machined Combustion Chamber: No
    Intake Runner Volume (cc): 200cc
    CNC Machined Intake Runner: No
    CNC Machined Exhaust Runner: No
    Intake Port Location: Standard
    Exhaust Port Shape: Square
    Exhaust Port Location: Standard
    Intake Valves Included: Yes
    Intake Valve Diameter (in): 2.020 in.
    Exhaust Valves Included: Yes
    Exhaust Valve Diameter (in): 1.600 in.
    Valve Springs Included: Yes
    Maximum Valve Lift (in): 0.560 in.
    Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.250 in.
    Damper Spring Included: No
    Number of Springs Per Valve: Single
    Retainers Included: Yes
    Retainer Material: Chromemoly steel
    Locks Included: Yes
    Lock Style: 7 degree
    Valve Stem Seals Included: Yes
    Valve Stem Seal Style: Ring and Band
    Rocker Arm Studs Included: Yes
    Rocker Arm Nut Thread Size: 3/8-24 in.
    Rocker Arms Included: No
    Rocker Arm Nuts Included: No
    Guideplates Included: Yes
    Guideplate Pushrod Size: 5/16 in.
    Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled: Yes
    Valve Guides Included: Yes
    Valve Guide Material: Cast iron
    Valve Seats Machined: Yes
    Valve Seat Machine Style: 3-angle
    Valve Seat Material: Steel
    Steam Holes Drilled: No
    Oiling Style: Through pushrod
    Machined for O-Ring: No
    Heat Crossover: No
    Quantity: Sold individually.
    Notes: Designed for hydraulic camshafts.