700 whp spec v on the horizon :)

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  1. The Superspec is close to life once again..

    After a leaky head gasket caused some pitting/rust in 2 of the cylinder bores last year.. the engine had to be torn down for a bore/hone job and new slugs.. The pitting was too deep to reuse the pistons, because the skirt clearance would have been something in the neighborhood of 7 thousanths.. way too big for a 700whp motor.. Oh.. which leads me to the next big update. ;) We have replaced the SC61 turbocharged with a much larger PT67-P-trim ball bearing center section.. stuffed into T3/T04E housings. We have also lightened up the valvetrain by using VQ35 lifter buckets.. This dramatic drop in weight, will allow us to spin this thing up to 9500rpm without any valve float.. We are still on STOCK valves and retainers.. with a single valve spring configuration. Pretty amazing.. We are guessing that we will hit the 650-700whp mark at roughly 25-28psi of boost with the new turbo and higher rev range.

    Anyway.. here's a few pics..

    SR crank, nestled in the QR block.. This is how it SHOULD have been from the factory!

    Sleeved block with big bore.. Custom Cunningham lightweight chromeoly connecting rods with 22,000psi bolts.. Custom CP 8.8:1 forged pistons with lateral gas ports and forced pin oilers.

    ACL Race bearings.. These should stand up to 10K rpm without any problems..

    Lateral gas ports shown (circled). This allows exhaust gas to get behind the ring, and exert more pressure against the back of the ring. This makes for a better ring seal under high RPM, where you would usually see ring flutter.

    1 and 2 in.. 3 and 4 will have to wait until tomorrow..

    This car will be absolutely insane... I thought it was fast at 430whp.. I can't imagine another 200-250whp.. Keep in mind.. this car made 500whp at 19psi at a conservative 8500rpm! For those who haven't seen the car in action.. this is a SR20 crankshaft, cut to fit into a QR block, with custom 6" rods, and 8.8:1 pistons.. custom cams, intake manifold, etc.. etc..

    19psi, VERY conservative tune, and lots of cam timing work left to do..

    this is my other car. i picked up a fox so that i didnt have to drive this monster everyday.
  2. Wow, great #'s from 19psi. Any desire to raise the pressure?
  3. oh yea, here hoping for 700whp @ 30#
  4. Wow. Thats crazy, That is alot of boost
  5. Absolutely beautiful and a rebuild to be feared and respected. LOL

    Nice work.
  6. Awesome project. Its going to be insane.
  7. now this could be a stupid question but this is in a nissan sentra like the newer ones not the late 80s ones because i was under the impression that the newer ones were brutally slow?
  8. Now this could be a stupid question but isn't this akin to saying to a 5.0 owner with a 1,000 HP custom built engine that you have heard the old 5.0 pushrod engines are really slow? :shrug: Did you look at the engine build pics and the part specifications he listed? The engine block is worthy of insane HP+ and I am sure he will be laying down a near single digit 1/4 mile bracket time by the end of this build.
  9. the 02+ made a claimed 175hp and 185tq. the older models made around 140hp.

    the 02+ we capable of 14.7 basically stock. it really depended on the track and driver.
  10. i sta nd corrected i had no idea those motors were capable the only Nissan motors people use around here are SR or RB type engines
  11. We can all stand a little insight and correction at times. No big deal.

    Advanced engine engineering and building is an art that can take simple 4-bangers and produce outstanding performance figures. Not many folks are aware, or respect, the time, money and technical capacity it takes to do what superspec is doing.

    Irregardless of the platform, the rebuild as outlined is high-end and awesome.

    :) Thanks for chiming back in Yello!!!! I appreciate it.
  12. Oh in Stock form the 2.5 Sucks, so many problems with them. Especially the early years like 02 and 03.

    I had a 03 Spec V but had no problems with mine

    Superspec. Nice I had no Idea you were going for 700 HP .. I havent been to B15.net in a while. (Flying Ordie over there).

    What are you doing for the tranny? Think it will hold up?

  13. yea if you left the motor completely stock you were just asking for problems.

    as for the trans its still stock. when it breaks well prob throw another one in and see if it breaks at the same point. travis and i have talked about getting PAR to make a set of gears for me. dropping 6th would let us get more surface area on the 1 2 3 gears so less likely to break. the only downside is PAR wants 4k just for the gears.:jaw:
  14. Man that is nice. :nice:
  15. thanks, its all built now. just waiting to get the car back from texas. hopefully itll be back together and making big #s mid aug.