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  1. ****ing bumper inserts look all uneven. =(
  2. Are you part of the MU TA G club now?
  3. Hey, I'm in the MUST NG club! The A dissapeared from the trunk of my 68. After I put the S back on there.:nonono:
  4. Im MUSTAN here!!!
  5. im in the TANG group lol
  6. :stick: What did you do?
  7. not really crooked but not level. lol try heating it and taking it off.

    thats why youre supposed to use soapy water so you can adjust it before it sets.
  8. yeah thats what i thought but the directions said that not to use the soapy stuff for the chrome color inserts and that it was a 1 shot deal. dude said he was gonna send me some more letters
  9. I tried putting the black lettering on my Mach and screwed it up. So much for that. Not gonna try it again. :nonono:
  10. You should throw a table at it.

    sorry man. i know the table thing sucks, and the letters are aggrivating, but that line was funny as F$%#.

    ill be putting letters on in the next week or so, wish me luck.
  12. were u drinking when u put them on dude? lol
  13. You are a jackass hahaha.

    The S being low really stood out man. Hope it all gets fixed.
  14. ee.. it took me over an hour to put them on.. but thats why their straight. those things are ticky
  15. im actually laughing out loud at the table joke BWAAAHAHAHAAHA

    if it makes you feel better, my stainless steel S is coming off of my car...