SOLD 70mm Throttle Body, Egr Spacer, And Egr Delete Plate.

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  1. I'm selling my trusty old 70mm BBK Throttle Body, matching EGR spacer, and home made (CNC machined) EGR delete plate, with mounting bolts. I ran this throttle body for years with no problems whatsoever on a (port matched) stock 5.0 intake manifold, then a GT-40 style Explorer intake, and finally a TFS-R intake. It has maybe 40K miles on it, but is still in perfect working condition. I always kept it pretty clean, but I can stick it in the parts cleaner at work if that sweetens the deal for ya. The coolant port fittings have been removed from the EGR spacer, since I never ran EGR, but you can easily put some back in, if you're into that sort of thing.

    Let's start at $150. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees, if any.



  2. So 1. What are you running now? And B. Did you address the whistle near idle these tend to make?
  3. See below.

  4. 1. 90mm Accufab
    2. Nah, I just lived with it. BBK has/had a how-to on their website that details chamfering some edges to get it to be quieter, but I never took the time to do anything about it.
  5. I'm interested if you'll do $120 shipped to Michigan?
  6. SOLD at $140.
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