70NE's custom EFI conversion writeup - Part 1

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by ForceFed70, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. I know a lot of it right now. But haven't had the time to go through the instructions like I need.

    IAC on the back of the TB
    coil control...I think
    low imp 120's,
    pump and fan control
    knock sensing is what I can gather so far. Kinda holding my breathe I think for the seq for idle with the big injectors....but still may go with 16 so I can run smaller, like 24-36's for around town.
  2. What type of IAC? Stepper or Pulse Width Modulated (PWM)?
    For the fan control you can use the Fidle output.. simple there. Fuel pump control is standard build.
    Haven't played with knock sensing myself.
  3. to be honest not sure of which IAC.
    The knock sensing I am looking forward to. Talked to a guy who works on them all the time and you can program is to pull timing when it sees knock, and put it back over your programmed RPM period. Really looking forward to that to get full power without problems. I thought you would got the knock sensor for sure with the turbo.
  4. Still collecting parts. Money has been tight here of late. Actualy it could be just because I've stopped using my credit card. :)
  5. Awe, C'mon use the credit card. Think of it as "stimulating the economy" :p
  6. Ayyeeeee, where the hell ya been Kalvin ? Hows the car doing ?
  7. Been around Dustin, just not all that active. During the summer I tend to just drive the car and wait until winter to do any major work. As a result, I'm not on the boards much doing any research.

    Car has been doing great. No serious problems so far this year (knock on wood). But I'll admit that I've been babying it. No hard launches on the stock unknown mileage T5, and still set for only 7PSI. I did have an oil leak... turns out that the bolt on the drivers side V-band clamp was rubbing against the oil filter, eventually wearing a hole through the filter.

    Only problem that I'm currently working on is around a ignition signal dropout problem with the MSII. For some reason, once in a while the MSII will loose the RPM signal which causes the ECU to stop injecting fuel for a split second. Hardly noticeable during cruise, but when boosting it causes a stumble and the odd backfire.

    Trying to decide on my project for this winter:
    Rebuild the T5 with GeForce or Astro gearset, or upgrade the factory disk brakes. Both need to be done, but can only afford to do 1 or the other.

  8. i'd say upgrade the brakes, stopping is way more important than shifting, especially with a bossted car.....:nice: then again, the flip side of the coin is that if the car won't move because the trannys trashed you don't need to worry about stopping. LOL :rlaugh:

    i still think brakes are more important though, you can punish a stock T5 pretty good as long as you don't powershift it, it'll take some abuse.
  9. Lol, yeah I tend to agree. The sensible choice is to do the brakes, but the power junkie inside wants a new transmission. I think I'll end up doing the brakes. But who knows, maybe I'll manage to blow up the T5 before the end of the season. It's already lasted much longer than I thought it would. :shrug:
  10. So is it a new problem with the edis ? Or something you were trying to cure with it ?

    Been thinkin' COP pretty seriously myself.
  11. Not sure. EDIS has made things better, but there's still something going on there that makes me think it's a problem that's been dogging me all along.

    COP would be nice. Not a big advantage over something like EDIS unless you actually plan to adjust timing based on cylinder. However, sounds like stock LS1 coils will easily fire a 1000HP combo. Impressive!
  12. Yeah, not a huge advantage, but looking at it for the extra time to saturate. Looks about the same price as a dist. Buy a cheap one for oil, then a crank trigger. Timing by cyl is another good one, since MS is still draggin their feet on the seq side of the ECU's. :mad:

    Have you seen it with a light, or while data logging ? A SUN machine might be useful if you can find anyone that has one.
  13. Yes, you can see it in a datalog.. sometimes. It shows up as RPM signal noise. The real clue is that the IAC starts to move to the "cranking" position, which means that for a split second the ECU thinks the engine isn't running.

    I've got a list of things to try. I may try scoping the signals using my ancient HP oscilliscope.
  14. Time to get serious about EFI