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  1. Starting a list of extra parts I have for sale. I bought alot of stuff before I knew which direction I was headed in for my resto job and never used it. Everything is for 71-73. prices don't include shipping. The bottom half of the list contains parts from a 73 mach 1,I parted out. About 15 years ago,this car had a whole new front end put on with a bunch of NOS bodyparts. So,the fenders,grille,and bumper are really nice. The grille trim is all NOS that I picked up from ebay over the past years and never used.

    NEW Parking brake cables,3 piece set,covers all brake cables. $50
    NEW L and R quarter panel skins $50/each
    NOS 71/72 headlight switch $30
    NOS 71/72 Ignition switch $150(paid $200 from perogies)
    NOS 73 headlight doors $250 (one is polished(standard),one is black(mach1))
    NOS 73 4 piece grille trims(some original packaging in bad shape or missing but,moldings are nice,clips included) $100
    73 Fenders,NOS quality,sodablasted to bare metal $300/each
    73 Mach 1 grille(oem ford,not aftermarket)no cracks or missing tabs $125
    73 Urethane front bumper(almost prefect,no rust or bubbled up rubber)$300
    71-73 Tilt Column with new turn signal lever $325(includes keys)
  2. 72 Mustang radio!

    Would you have a radio for a 72 Mustang and if so how much $. Thanks Charlie ([email protected])
  3. I am interested in the grill/moldings/and clips you have. Contact me please.
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