'71 mustang/mach 1 question

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  1. Hey guys, I'm not up on my classic mustang identification so I have some questions about a car I looked at this weekend. Guy has what he said is a 71 Mach 1, which is pretty much a pro street car. Has a 460 .30 over, with all the goodies, car was tubbed with a full NHRA certified cage, dyno tested and made 602 HP at the rear tires. I was looking online at 71-73 Mach 1's and they all had the plastic front bumper cover, this one has the steel front bumper, and the grill looks difrent. Is there any way to ID this car through the VIN number? He's asking $15,000 for the car, which seems ok if it is a true mach, and sugestions???
  2. just post the VIN number and we should be able to help.
  3. One of the VIN decoders on this link should be useful: vintage-mustang.com

    I'm not sure why you care if it's a "real Mach I", since it's been highly modified anyway.

    Edit to redirect link directly to info. and I guess it won't work that way, so just scroll the left menu down until you see "Vin Decoders"
  4. the first # in the VIN will be the year, if it has (for instance) 1F05_________ then it's a 1971 and the "05" means Mach 1.

  5. yeah even if the car is a true mach1 which it probally is cause there not really that rare.. it wouldnt even matter cause it has a non- orginal 460 roll cage probally tranny and rear end are not even orginal anymore... so yeah if you were to buy it your buying a dragster not a classic mustang because once they turn into a true time dragster they are hard to turn back.......... 602 horse at the wheels wow thats alot lol
  6. I certainly don't claim to know much about '71 through '73 Stangs, but if you can verify that the car is tubbed with a full NHRA certified cage, dyno tested to make 602 HP at the rear wheels, and all of this work was done correctly, I'd say it is a bargain price whether its a Mach or not. But, I can't stress enough that you need to verify all those claims and the quality of work performed before buying. I do admit, however, that if he is lying about the car being a Mach, that might be useful info that would make you question his other claims.