72 electrical problems (click no crank)


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Mar 29, 2020
Hi so I have a 1972 mustang im working on. I re did the interior and swapped out the original 302 for another 302 I already had. Everything is in now but problem. The car won’t start. When you turn the key it’ll click at the starter solenoid but won’t crank.
I wired everything correctly.(Atleast I believe I have)
I’ve changed the starter solenoid, the starter, and the ignition switch. Even cleaned up some grounds. Now there is also another problem, it seems the throttle cable is hot ? It has current in it and when I touch the end to a piece of metal, it sparks and also makes the starter solenoid click. I’m assuming there’s a shortage somewhere but how and where? The car started up fine before the swap. So it seems the firewall has current. There are no wires touching the gas pedal. I also took out the neutral safety switch, when I attempt to start the car I connect it through the engine bay but not through the shifter so I Don’t know if that matters
I wanted to see if anyone could help me before I gut out the interior looking for a lose or stripped wire.
THANK YOU In advance
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Mar 5, 2019
it seems the throttle cable is hot ? It has current in it

Bad/No engine ground strap
sounds like your forcing the starter to ground thru throttle cable

Post a pic :) of your 72:cool: