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  1. Does anyone have a line on a salvage yard out there that has a 71 - 73 Fastback that I can pilfer from? I need the latches and catches for a Trap Door. Also looking for a catch for the Glove Box Door. I'm surprised these are all so hard to find!
  2. We've got a huge one with 50 or so mustangs in it plus sheds of parts in the midwest....
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  4. Contact Info

    Hi. Sent you a PM but not sure if you got it. Please let me know how to get hold of you.

  5. watch it ass wipe, i f you knew WHAT i stood for and WHO i stood for, you'd be singing a different tune. But I'm not gonna get into that with you.

    sorry if i mis-conveyed what i said. I personally don't own the yard, but I can get the number of the guy for ya. I'll have to dig out his card, but I deal with him on a daily basis, just not over the phone. lol. He's a great and straightforward guy, I'll send you a PM once i find his number so you can give him a call.

    sorry for the confusion!
  6. FYI, upside down flag is a distress signal.

    Where are you located, that may help in finding assistance.
  7. The trap door latches from a 69-70 will work and they are being re-popped. I know because I used them on my 73.
  8. What did you use for the catch? The 65-70 version that I see in catalogs doesn't look like it would work.

  9. Please re read the stangnet TOS. Especially the part regarding personal attacks.
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