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  1. I have never restored or even have the skill to restore a car...however; wanting to start. I found a 1973 Mach 1 351 Cleveland 'H'...owner says ALL original. It has virtually no rust on it and it runs good he says. interior is in decent shape (needs a few things and some TLC)...person is asking $6000. Is this a good deal? i would have to fly to another state to 'check it out'...and then have it 'trucked' back to michigan.
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  4. nice looking car .i sold one a year ago ,not quite that nice for $7,000
  5. so, do you believe it is worth a trip to 'bama to view it, then spend the $6000 to purchase it, then spend $800+ shipping it back to Michigan from 'bama? Big decision for me since $6K (plus trip plus shipping) aint just change...and this will be the first car i have ever tried to re-do. Have you ever re-done a car before and if you have...if i get totally 'taken' on this car...do you have any idea of what a total redo would cost (based on the shape the car currently looks like in the pictures)? just trying to determine if i do get 'taken'...what will it cost me to get my money back out of it.
  6. it has been some time since i have restored a 71-73 but i know they are more expensive than the other years .i can't give an estimate of what it would cost .
    your best bet would be to get a catalog ,Branda, Mustangs unlimited ,or National parts. and price the parts you will need. i would look it over carefully .check the floors ,frame rails for kinks,rot. look inside the trunk and inspect the quarters .they can hide work from the out side but it is hard to hide from the inside. check the trunk floors . look over the bottoms of the doors for rot . expect to replace the normal . such as headliner ,carpet ,door panels ,dash pad ,possibly battery apron because that is a normal rusted out place .judging from the pics the car is in good shape but i would inspect it very carefully.i would say that $6000 is reasonable if no hidden damage.
  7. i am under the impression that if a car like this has all original...it is more valuable...specifically the engine. How do you tell if the engine matches to the VIN (i am assuming all that matters for matching is the block...not the valve covers/rocker arms/etc)?
  8. image.jpg Also, the seller took a picture of a piece of paper...and here it is. can you tell me what this VIN number represents (especially the 262865).
  9. anyway i could email you direct..i just have a few questions about this car i am looking at and not sure how to ask the right questions via typing (and would take up too much space).
  10. it is a 73 and it is a 2 v 351 Cleveland and the F indicates Dearborn
  11. you can PM me here at stangnet
  12. If you do travel down to Alabama to check it out take it to a good shop for a prepurchase inspection. Make sure the shop is used to doing classic cars and knows mustangs. Money well spent In my opinion....
    Professional advice of what is going on with it as well as a detailed inspection report for the condition of the car. You could use it as leverage for reducing the price if you are not afaid of tackling the things that are wrong with it.
  14. sorry...i do not know how to PM.
  15. If you would consider a 1969 mach 1 I have a car that is 90% complete. My work is included in the post. Look at my posts for the link
  16. please send me pics and price...i could not find anything when you speak of 'posts' above.