73 Mach 1 Stripes??????

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  1. I am confused about 1973 Mach 1 stripes. Almost everything I read says the side stirpes changed in 1973. But I have several books that show the higher full length stripe on a '73 as well. Then I surf the net and see both the lower 3/4 length stripe on some and the higher longer on others. The rear stripe change from 72 to 73 seems to be consistent, but not the side. Can someone clear this up? Thanks.
  2. The side stripe did change in 73. The reasons behind the inconsistancies are:

    1) a lot of people preferred the 72 stripe over the 73. So when they restored their cars, or got them from the factory, they added the 72 stripes.

    2) For a while the reproduction stripes for the 73 were not availible.

    73 stang style

  3. Thanks. I like the 72 stipes better and must repaint. So I was considering doing exactly what you described. Just can't decide if I should or not. Great pictures. If my red 73 Mach 1 looked like the one in the picture I wouldn't be worried about the stripes. What about wheels? It looks like every one has Magnum 500. Mine has what I think are factory ford mags?
  4. i don't see a pic of your car but ford offered slotted wheels as an option in '73. as for the stripes i like the looks of the '71-'72's better and plan on changing them when i repaint.
  5. All 73 Mach 1s got the new side stripe...

    All 1973 Mach 1s got the unique-to-73 side stripe. However, the 71-72 Mach 1 stripes were available as an option on all other 73 Mustangs IF you got the exterior decor group also. The exterior decor group basically got you the Mach 1 grille. So on any other body style in 73 you could get 71-72 Mach 1 side stripes.

    In 71-72 the side stripes were optional on Mach 1s. Some had them and some didn't, although all of them had the "Mach 1" lettering on the fenders. I don't know if that was true in 73 or not. I assume that all 73 Mach 1s came with side stripes as otherwise there would be no Mach 1 identification on the side of the car.