73 or 76mm mass air meter??

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  1. Just wondering what I should go with on my car I have long tubes with off road pipe, 65mm throttle body mac direct shot cold air kit and 3:73 gears. I plan on adding a trickflow track heat intake in the near furture but for now thats it so would the 73mm be good with this combination or should I go ahead and get the 76mm mass air meter

  2. Either should be fine, I run a 76 though.
  3. It's probably not going to make a difference right now. If you plan on more add ons in the future, then go with the 76mm. Just remember you will have to have it recalibrated if you change injectors.
  4. None of the above, if you are using either of those, that means you have a c&l.
    Get a 75mm or 80mm pro m.
  5. I could say the same for pro m. They are all hit or miss. I had one of those first, car wouldn't run for ****!! Bought a c&l and the problem was solved. The thing I like best about the c&l is it uses the stock electronics. Just have to change the flow tube which is cheap and easy to do. Unlike the pro m's, they have to be recal'd at a heavy price.

    Good luck with whichever you choose.
  6. :stupid: That and C&L hasn't gone out of business because of incompetent owners. :owned:
  7. I have a 76mm C & L and have had no problems with it. And anyone else I know that has used them say they are fine so I don't really understand why people call them a hit or miss product.

    But anyways go with the 76mm leaves more room to mod in the future.
  8. my vote for 76 too, you always have room for the future:Word:
  9. 80mm Pro M!! I had 2 75mm pro m's and it never idle rite.Put on the 80 and woola!! I always heard bad things with c&l
  10. :cheers: LOL! Finally someone else said that apart from me! :chair:

  11. I had the 73mm unit, and upgraded to the 76mm unit because I found it cheaper so I took back the 73mm unit. Can't say I felt any difference between them, but both better than stock by far. Mine is for sale since I am converting to carb, it your interested, PM me.
  12. you guys keep using inferior parts, and dyno tuners will keep telling guys like you not to use them. Not everyone listens i guess.

    Countless amounts of time people here have been told by shops not to use C&L meters.
    Funny thing, you don't see any true shops selling them, just internet sales.

    Might i add, most (not all) of the guys here using C&L's, have very mild combos. Almost nobody with supercharger.

    Mismanagement, does not always reflect on the product.

    Oh, almost forgot, no point in running a chip with a C&L ever, since they do not come with a flow sheet, hell they don't even come with a new sensor.
  13. I run a 73 mm C&L mass air, i would go 76 if i had to do it again. I bought mine from a friend and found out afterwards that it had the wrong sample tube and i had some idle problems, swapped it out for the right sample tube and i haven't had any problems since.
  14. I am not trying to be a smartass by any means, but what do you consider not to be a mild combo, stroked? ~nick
  15. 76mm c&l - love mine - I could actually feel the difference - no problems yet....
  16. Combos with potent heads and radical cams.

    For example, this coming year run your car with the C&L and then swap to an 80mm pro m, you will probably pick up 1 or 2 mph, and .2.
    I've seen it.

    Everyone thinks i'm against c&l because it's a brand loyalty thing, it's not. Call any repudable shop, especially one with a dyno, and they will tell you to ditch it, i just happened to see trouble with them first hand.
    The sampling tube method is just an inaccurate method of metering air. It's been proven. Just not on the internet.

    Look through all the most powerful cars on stangnet, almost all with have pro m's.
    Use whatever you want, it's your car.
    C&L made their name with big magazine contributions, and it worked.
  17. .2 on the quarter? I REALLY don't want to start a mass air meter WAR, but I have the 76 mm C&L and have no problems.

    I'll tell you what, I get the pro-m, and if i don't see the gains you say, you buy it for a time and a half.

    The guy just asked which one, not for the other brand and different sizes. Just answer a question from a person, thats why this forum is up for the most part.

    Go ahead and ban me if you feel like it, but I have noticed that MANY people on here take their opinions WAY too far and almost try to sell people products.
  18. 1 or 2 mph is alot, so i .2 seconds. I never knew that a mass air meter could make that much difference. It would be interesting to see if it did make a difference, are there any other mass airs that would make that much difference, like Granatelli? Or is PRO-M the only brand that comes with a new sensor. Overall i am happy with my C&L.
  19. as i've seen posts about both of these meters....i'm starting to think the c&l's are better for stock or milder combo's as mentioned above.........
    as far as the sampling tube method not being the best.......well a c&l is basically just a stock type meter with a larger opening isn't it?? the pro-m, being they actually try to calibrate the meter to what kind of air filter your running.....means they are more tunable so..........i think if it's a milder combo a c & l might work.....if it requires alot of tuning the pro -m might be the way to go.....
    i also see jet makes a maf.......never hear anything about those, they look c& l ish.......same idea.....and granetelli looks more pro m ish......
    if your read the magazine articles in the car mags you still see some fast stuff running c& l......i think there are more pro m'd cars though......i'm sure anything can work if you are dead set on running what ever.....
  20. Pro m previously made all granitelli's. Not sure if JR got a hold of one of Pro m's flow machines when they were breaking up the company.

    Look, we ran my buddies almost stock gt 5 speed. about 11 times one night. Car had flowmaster (mufflers only) gutted cats, and pullies.
    No meter, ran 13.9 or close 5 times in a row, then we swapped to my pro m 75mm bullet (for 19's) and we got the car as low as 13.69. He wasn't thrilled when i took it back.
    But i was told it would yield .2 by experts, much more versed in mustangs than myself. And it did.

    Hey, if you guys don't feel my opinion is valid or it's BS, than don't listen, i'm not twisting anyones arm. But since the original poster has 15 posts i felt i could help him by putting a better product in front of him.

    Calibration is a PITA sometimes, but what people don't realize is that even though you can have it calibrated for bigger injectors when you upsize injectors, the ebay value on a pro m meter is high, so selling it and just buying another can be more cost effective.

    My .2, take it or leave it.

    Look through anderson fords website, they go into depth on a few meter issues, very informative, i had a very good conversation with him when i was purchasing my powerpipe.
    Yet another very reliable person that suggests using a pro m, specifically the 80mm.
    Along with every expert i know, which is quite a few.

    And Bynumbmustang, i'll tell you what, you stick with C&L. Don't want to mess with your well though out combo.