74 2.3 To 93 5.0ho

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  1. High all. Well for a while now I've had this 74 mustang 2 door with a blowed up engine. I never got around to doing anything with it due to financial issues. But now i acquired a running 93 t-bird and would like to put the motor and transmission in the 74. Now i knowi would have to get the computer flashed for the key. But i want to do the writing myself.

    i do have a wire schematic of the car but no idea on what i should remove and what not to. A little light on the subject would help out a great deal. Thanks
  2. The wiring is not too bad really, as long as you have all the schematics from both your car (which you do) and for the engine harness/EEC. I will post everything that I have as far as the EFI harness for you here. I am sure some of it won't be of use to you as I transplanted a 90 5.0 into an 84 3.8 CFI car. A good website to go to for more info is oldfuelinjection.com. Hope this helps!

    mustangMainHarness.gif mustangO2Harness.gif con89.jpg con90.jpg 86cnr1.jpg 90conR1.jpg
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  3. Ok that helped. My next question:

    Will the 93 tbird rear end be mountable to the 74 mustang?
  4. Anything's possible but it's probably not at all practical. This is IRS right? You'd have to rework the entire rear suspension, probably only sensible if you're completely replacing the entire rear subframe, so a ton of fabrication.
  5. Yeah that would be more then I want to do. I decided on a disc 8.8 out of a ranger :)

    Ok started looking into this a little more and I had a question about the mounts. I don't know if I should start a new thread but ill post it here.

    I found these and was wondering which would be a better rount
    http://www.welderseries.com/blog/online-store/rubber-insulator-for-ford-motor-mounts/ which I don't even have the motor out of the mustang to know if it will even work
    http://www.welderseries.com/blog/online-store/ford-motor-mounts-urethane-insulated/ which I would weld in after everything was aligned

    im also looking into the front brake change to the Granada 11".
    http://www.tsmmfg.com/mustangii.html with the nova calipar
    http://www.welderseries.com/blog/online-store/mustang-ii-brake-kit-for-granada-rotors/ so I could go newer, mabey even the aluminum option if they would fit.

  6. Is there any modern gas tanks for the 74 to use an updated pump for the 93 5.0ho? or is there a kit i can buy to use the old tank and just different style pump? Im trying to use the old fuel lines off the tbird.
  7. I don't believe so, until recently there were no aftermarket tanks available at all, now there's one. Also not aware of one from another car that fits without substantial modification.

    An in-line fuel pump, fuel cell, or having someone weld the 'bucket' in from a Fox tank (or the T-bird tank if available) into yours would be reasonable alternatives.
  8. A Fox tank will fit with some modification, but you may have issues with how you want to run exhaust. Here is a video of what I did to get a Fox tank into a II:

    Let me know if you have any questions, I will answer to the best of my ability.
  9. Ok decided to just go with the fox tank. Thanks on that.

    Now what car can i take the oil pan and pump tube from to make this a front sump. Set it in there and of course the pan was in the way lol. i found one on jegs but it covers from 56-2000
    But then ill still need pickup tube. Would that work? If not then i could just go take one off a car that has one already. :)
  10. jdsimpson said "Now i know i would have to get the computer flashed for the key."

    If you have the key from the 93 t-bird you can get it to work with the ignition system on the 74 MII. You will need the complete anti theft system from the 94 t-bird. Get a wiring diagram for the anti theft system on the 94 t-bird. It will show all the components you will need. You will find a transponder on the key switch where the ignition key goes in on the 94 t-bird. It is a circular loop with some small wires connected to it. Secure the key from the 94 t-bird in the center of the loop with some mechanics wire and tape. Put some padding on it and secure it under the dash somewhere. Now when the anti theft system is powered up it will think the correct key is in the ignition and it will allow the powertrain control module to power up the fuel injectors.
  11. I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that any front sump pick up tube will work. As far as that oil pan, I don't think it will be just a set in swap. There was a similar discussion about oil pans in this recent thread.


    I posted a few pics of a standard front sump compared to a II front sump. The problem with a standard front sump is clearance for the rack. You may be able to cut/weld the standard pan to provide clearance, or you may be able to shim the engine a little.