74 engine swap

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  1. :Damnit:

    Ok, there are no numbers on either the engine or the chassis parts, the cushion-thingies in the middle are ordered as MustangII parts so they should check out ok.

    If i knew this car would be so much trouble the day i went to look at it, i would probably have chosen the 1986 camaro i went to look at the same day.
    But then again, i wouldn't have known jack :fuss: about cars today,
    and driving her a few times, sorta made me fall in love. :D
    And what more; during these 4 years i had her, i gotten to apprectiate the uniqueness of this little baby. So i gotta come through for her.

    So what the :bang: should i do? Try to find a V8 donorcar? Have someone cut and weld my existing mounts to the right size? Install stiff mounts?
  2. I know advance auto sells new motor mounts , but not the whole thing. You have to use a part from your old mount. But since you do not have the correct old mount I would say check out eBay ( but be patient) Chances are very good that Whomever made your mounts did not change the frame mounts. These will need purchased/changed as well. Maybe post a want ad? anyway Camaro's are like a-holes ,Stick with the II's. GOOD LUCK and stick with it.
  3. Thanx for the tips. I will start looking! :hail2:

    Passenger side

    Driver side

    Just to show you peeps that the clearance on the passenger side is almost exactly the same as on the drivers side.
  4. Peeps?

    Geez, fella, I hope the word 'peeps' is Sweed for People.

    Over here it means Child or Baby after the sound baby chickens make. Just figured I should let you know because not everyone is as friendly as me.

    Anyhow, factory location of the 302 in a II is between 1 and 1 1/4 inches (25 to 32cm) offset to the right as measured from the frame to the crank centerline. I believe mine measured 1 1/8 inches. This would explane why the exhaust is on the steering shaft.

    And if the tail housing is in the factory position. ....
  5. motor mounts

    Bstang71 on MustangII.net has started reproducing V-8 motor mounts and is getting a new shipment soon. You could contact him too. He is selling rebuild kits right now.
  6. No offense i hope.
    I guess i was just assuming you are all younger than i am. :rlaugh:
    No, seriously, i had no clue. I heard someone use it in an online game a few times and picked up on it. Baby chickens you say? :rolleyes:

    I will have to do some measuring next time i'm in the garage.
    If i remember that is. I usually just sit in the car dry shifting and making engine sounds.

    Oh god. :eek:
    You know i'm starting to think the person who did the swap didn't know what he was doing. Then sold the car to some sucker (me that is), who didn't know *ahem* about cars at the time.

    Maybe i should weld my own headers.

    I will get in touch with him ASAP. Thanx.
  7. Really? Why's that?

    I got my first II new from the dealer. It was a demo with 28 miles on it.

    Shhhh .........

    Very common. If something can be sledghammered in and takes the car up the road what could possably be wrong?

  8. I rebuilt a set of Pinto V8 mounts; I picked them up at a boneyard for pennies. The how-to is on the last page of my CarDomain site. FYI.
  9. Hey, I resemble that remark. :nono:
  10. Umm, tell me more about the tail housing?
    Obviously i don't know enough about things to really know what I am doing (either). Just trying to follow your advice. :) If you told me to get a valvecover-injector assembly, what ever that is, i probably would. :)
  11. Just wanted to let you know that i ordered a complete set of mounts from Brett (bstang71) the other day. Hope it's the first and final step to fix my problem. *cheers*

  12. Either?
  13. I was refering to the previous owner, who didn't seem to know a lot about doing a swap on this model.