SOLD 74 Mustang Ii For Parts

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  1. 1974 mustang II coupe for sale for parts in Walnut Creek, Calif. No engine or bell housing included...front and rear suspension intact, all glass, doors and door panels in good shape...4spd tranny, complete dash with amfm 8track, center console, hood, trunk, radiator, bumpers....its all there. Only $400 LIGHT surface rust on the hood, roof, and trunk lid as PO had started restoration. There is rust in the lower rear fenders and around the battery area in the engine compartment. IMG_7643[3].JPG IMG_7649.JPG IMG_7647.JPG
  2. What type of rims is on it and is the gauge cluster in good shape?
  3. the wheels are only spares but hold air. the cluster appears to be in good shape and complete
  4. What type of rims is on it and is the gauge clus
    Did the gauges light up ot did you ever have the headlights on? I know it sounds like a dumb question but if you would see my gauge cluster atm you would understand. I couldn't get my dash light's to work so i figured i would take it apart. Bad idea on my part took the screws out went to pull it out and it feel apart in my hands. Do you know what rad 4 speed is in it??
    ter in good shape?
  5. I have not tried to light up any equipment on the car. I got it from a guy in tahoe region that had it in dry storage for 10 years. the numbers on the transmission are RFD42R-7222-AA 13-32-097-901. I have no idea of its condition. It DID go easily into every gear position prior to my pulling out the engine.
  6. What engine did it have in it? From the pics it looks like the interior is in good shape too. Are you needing it gone now or could you give me a few weeks to get some money together
  7. according to the vin, it was originally a 4 cylinder that had been nicely upgraded to a V6 and 4spd. I could not tell it was a 4 until I researched the vin...I bought it for the engine and bell housing which i needed for another project. It came out of montana originally and had a block heater and manifold. I would like it gone asap but am willing to wait for a reasonable amount of time.. I would like to see it go to an Mutt II fan
  8. Right on ill get something together as soon as i can for ya.
  9. Hi guys, am new here. I own 15 mustangs, two M2's, one is King Cobra with 5,426 orig mi. the other is a cp, 4 cyl. and 4 spd, runs but neede full resto, has been stored many many years. I also have a excellent 89 Saleen conv, 12,950 orig mi. is #0085, they built 165 as I'm told on their web page. At 80, is time to get rid of most of my cars. Cheers, Harry

  10. Harry where are you located and how much would you want out of the Coupe?
  11. Hi Noticon, or? I live in Oakdale Ca. a small town near Modesto, central Ca. I've kept the 2 for many years, hoping to use it for a drag car build, but know now I never will. I also have some awesome engines and other components for the build, but have run out of energy for that build. I have several early mustang projects ongoing. I have the cp listed locally for $2,000. but also like interesting trades and most anything in hard to find or rare muscle parts, or shooting sports ? I have about every tool that's made and am slowing down fast, have restored mustangs since 1977, half my life. The little cp looks pretty sad, has been sitting neglected for many years, body has just minor dings and no salt damage, as is a low mile Ca Vally car. Will find some pics asap. Harry
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  12. Hi, 78 Cologne, are you still interested in the 74? looking to move it as soon as possible.. let me know, thanks, kevin
  13. the 74 mustang II was sold today. thanks for your interest