For Sale 75/76 assortment of parts for sale


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Sep 4, 2018
Hi all. I'm extreamly new to this fourm and really only joined to hope full find a good home for the parts I have. No luck on generic classified sites so I figured I try going to a place I know there might be intrerest.

Long story short used that have a 76 cobra II and parts for fender bender and repairs/ rebuild. The car was sold but the buyer didn't want the parts I had. Hopefully someone here will want them. I'm gonna just copy and paste the write up from the classified I posted in a few different spots. If you have questions feel free to ask. I'll post just a few pictures of the parts, but have pictures of everything. Thanks for your time, asking price is up for discussion depending on location of the buyer. The parts are in Dadeville Al.

Here is the list of what I have.

Driver door
Passenger door
Driver front fender
Passenger front fender
Front grill
Front seats (blue)
Rear bumper
Rear tail light
Center console top
Rear side window plastic "vents"
A few random metal brackets
One rear tail light
A few random light bulbs
One sun visor
These parts are in need of restoration. But from what I know they are original parts off of a 75 or 76 cobra II

The doors are complete with glass, mirror and interior trim, the front fenders are intack, no major dents, paint is chipping badly with surface rust
Front grill has the rectangular lights, the mustang emblem and all of the Ford letters and some fiberglass work done under where the driver side head light is mounted. ( I was told this might not be a true cobra II grill due to the mustang emblem) The hood has chipping paint and surface rust on the top of the hood. Under the hood has rusted through spots. The front seats are in pretty good condition. A few cracks here and there but nothing major. The rear bumper plastic is intack but some trim if coming off. The radiator has obviously been repaired in the past. The intake has surface rust. Rear tail light has all the glass. Console top is in pretty good condition. The rear side window "vents" have chipping paint, and only one cobra emblem.


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