75 Start Problem...

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  1. Thought I would try to outsmart my husband while he is at work and solve his mustang start problem...Sunday he got done replacing the starter, got it all back together. Started up fine moved it out of garage, parked it in driveway and there it sits. It cranks but doesn't fire. He tested for spark and got nothing, could it just be a fuse or something easy?..he works alot of hours and doesn't get much time to work on it. He is trying to sell it, but without it starting noone wants to take it. It is a 75, 302 ghia.
  2. Ok start simple, need 3 basic things for an engine to run. Air, Fuel, Spark. Air is fairly easy. If there is gas in the carburator and you can look inside the carb and see it squirt gas when the throttle is worked you have 2 of the 3. You say it has no spark. Where doesn't it have spark? at the spark plug end of the of the spark plug wire? Start at the coil make sure you have spark there. Then at the Dist end of the coil wire. If you have spark there and it's not getting anywhere else the trouble is inside the dist. If you have no spark out of the coil, either the pickup coil in the dist is bad, the coil is bad, or the aluminum Dura-spark box on the drivers inner fender is bad. The box can be taken to a parts store and tested. And the coil I believe as well. The Dura-spark system is fairly simple 3 components. Also a quick check take off the dist cap and make sure the rotor is turning when the engine turns over. If it doesn't there is other deeper trouble.

    That is a start. Let us know how you make out, or if you need more assistance.

    Good luck,
  3. Ok took the box to parts store, girl there said it was bad, replaced it. No spark still. Took coil off, just went ahead and replaced it. No spark. Pulled cap off had helper crank it, rotor turns. So i guess its the wiring...any fusible links i might be missing? There was a black wire coming off the solenoid that had no connection, so i just took it off. I was making a video of it running last time it was, and manually revved the motor, then it stalled. I just left it figured I was done for the day anyway, possible i knocked loose a wire near there?