75mm mass air flow meter installed,,wont idle?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. yeah good luck, i hope that is your problem too :nice:
  2. Willy- When you fire your car and it is cold how does it act?
    When you drive your car how does it act?
    Did you install your stock MAF to see what happens?

    I have tried to sort through most of the BS on the last 2 pages.

    Be very specific.
  3. Awww gee Mike I thought I was helping LOL

  4. I never said you were not helping. Willy sent me a PM asking for my help.

    Sorry if insulted your intelligence as I never meant to. :D

  5. NO NO Not at all. I was joking. You always have great information to add. I enjoy reading your posts and learning from you. My first inclination was that he was having Idel problems and need to clean The Idel air control and set idel and tps and such. But he seemed to think the issue is the MAF and we got on that and then about the AFPR and guage etc etc etc. Hopefully we can all help him get to the bottom of this. :nice:

  6. COOL. Ok when installed my 73 C&L the car never surged but it was lean (POPPING through the intake) so I cranked the FP up 3 psi and the car never popped since. The plugs were also light brown indicating a good A/F mix.

    I am not biased between Pro-M and C&L. People always fight over what is better. The more air that gets the combustion chamber the more fuel isneeded. Thats obvious and have been said. They are both good companies and they do the trick once the car has been tuned.

    A AFPR would ELIMINATE a LEAN problem. But it may not be his surging problem. Mine never surged when it was lean. Some do some don't. He may also want to try taking the filter out of the fender and sticking directly on the METER. JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Do all of this before you go buying up parts. Because it may or may not be his problem. Try the meter with the filter on it. Also try rotating the meter around 180 degrees. JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

  7. yeah I agree, I do think he should invest in a afpr and guage.... he is getting enough mods to the car that its bound to be lean and need more fuel.

  8. True. But I think he should try a few different mounting situations also. :D

    Definatly get the AFPR but don't expect it to AUTOMATICALLY fixed your problem. It may or may not be it.
  9. Agreed. I know "clocking" the meter can help.
  10. MAF meter are FICKLE. They just need some FOURPLAY.
  11. When I start it up(after sitting over night) it goes up to about 18---2000 rpm like normal,just for a second,then it comes down,but it doesnt stop,it goes rite to zero ! When driving it,it hesitates,bucks,and pings!It really runs like **** !! Im going to put the stock one back on in a few hours,when it warms up a little.
  12. Should I try these things first??
  13. Yeah,I'LL warm it up and turn the meter around.If not I'll try puting the filter rite on the meter. If that does'nt work I'm putting the stock one back on! And looking into a fuel regulator.I'LL let you know how it turns out!Thanks :nice:

  14. Clean what you can clean ( meter, IAC, TB)
    Rotate the meter 180 degrees.
    Put the filter on the meter.
    Put the stocker back in.

    Do it in that order.

    If none of this works I would say a lean condition is present. Find a regulator and a gauge. You will need both. If you want I have a 6 ft BRAIDED line for your schrader valve that will fit on a gauge. It's unused. All the fittings are there also.
    I will sell it for 35 shipped to your door if you want. They are worth 55-60 shipped. PM me if you want it. IT's BRAND NEW. I will try to find you a gauge and a regulator also around here. :D
  15. not sure but that elbow part might mean its for a fendermount cold air kit, and if you have a regualr airbox like stock or just a straight cold air kit than you'll have problems cause the maf is designed to compensate for unmetered and turbulant air.
  16. I have a fender well mounted CAI(Dense Charger)
  17. I tried rotating the meter,but it only goes on one way,so folk it!I put the old one on (minus the mesh screen) Its back to normal,(feels alot torquere with the factory one on anyway) only the exhaust sounds louder(cool) Im gonna do this rite, Im gonna put a fuel reg. on and up grade the spark,then Ill put my TB,and maf on t-moss intake.And if money is doing ok,Thumper heads!! Thanks for all the advice guys,I appreciate it :nice:
  18. Sounds good Willy! I Have Thumpers and had a Tmoss lower I up graded to the cobra after the tmoss. I sold the tmoss lower for what Tom sells it for via ebay so Its a great investment. Have fun.

  19. Don't turn it front to back. Rotate so the electronic part of the meter that plugs in is 180 degrees away from where it was before. GET ME??
  20. Yup,thats what I did,not the hole thing.But when I took off the top,the part that plugs in,the holes for the screws didnt match up,it only fit on the one way.