75mm mass air flow meter installed,,wont idle?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. No...no...no. Your doing it wrong. That part stays the same. Take the whole meter itself and CLOCK it. Put the top on the bottom. Rotate it. Mount it so the top is on the bottom. It's simple.
  2. OHHH,no [email protected],and that sometimes works? I'LL try it
  3. It works sometimes. Sometimes there is turbulence so the meter dosn't read correctly. Is your filter clean. Sometimes they will suck air from only one side of the filter because of clogging.
  4. Yeah,its a brand new coned shaped K&N--3 months old
  5. Mount the meter like you normally would.

    The electronic is facing upwards RIGHT?
    The arrow is pointing into the motor RIGHT?

    Ok loosen the clamp, Keeping the meter in the rubber, and ROTATE it so the electronic is facing down. The arrow is still going into the motor.

  6. OH,was that yours,, :nice: ok,ok,Iget it.I'LL give it a shot tomorrow!

  7. Do you want that fuel line :D

    It's new. Just sitting in my shop.
  8. LOL,,sure monty,refresh my memory,wheres it again?Its stainless braid rite?
  9. Hey Monty,I got a set of 2.73's with only 25,000 on them.LOL,,,Lets make a deal,LOL
  10. Yo Mikee,whered you go?---------Goodnight ,Im going to bed!!

  11. Yes it is AUTOMETER stainless braided line. Brand new.
  12. Yeah OK,we'll do it later,Im going back to bed!
  13. Wake up MONTY. Did you get that meter fixed yet.
  14. Im up,Im up,,,Im doing the meter tomorrow,got to many things to do today.That fuel line you sellin me,does it go to my future regulator??
  15. You SNOOZE YOU LOSE. Just sold it. Yes it would have worked for whatever you wanted it for. Sorry man. Get that meter fixed.
  16. 2 hour napp,,or 35 dollar hose,,hhmmmmmmmm,,,The way I felt this morning I'LL take the napp!! This is getting to be a habit with you!
  17. NP Monty :nice: Whats behind door # 2 -----LOL
  18. Janet Jacksons TITS.
  19. Im sending you my entire balance in my pay-pal account!!