75mm throttle body to small

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95StocK50, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. As I've said on previous posts i'm building a 393 stroker. I'm wondering if a 75MM throttle body will be a good choice for it.. I just a bought a 351w trickflow intake. tell me what you think?? Its also going to NA.


  2. The 75MM is more than enough.
  3. maybe too big I would say a 70 MM is about all you would need
  4. here's some more info.

    AFR 185's please don't say to goto 205's because 1. can't afford them and 2. you need custom headers.
    30# squirters

    would you say it would be to big???
  5. I thought their was a guidline on this on which throttle body to chose... like if you have this much hp you need this TB..??? no

  6. I use a 75 mm
    I switched from a 70 mm and noticed a big difference especially on the top end.
  7. hey thanks jerry thats exactly what I wanted to hear. do you have any 1/4 mi #'s without nitrous

    thanks alot

  8. mid to high 12's

    I think the mph is 112 or so I really dont drag w/o the nos
    It ran a best of 12.2 and 119.5 w/ the stock trick flow upper and floating valves(thanks to AFR's bad spring package) 295/35/18 bfg DR <hard to launch w/o spinning.Thats full weight w/leather and everything.

    Hopefully 11's with new upper and bee-hive springs.

    AND TRACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!