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  1. hey. Iam new to this forum and I was looking for some advice. I just got my dirty hands on a 76 cobra with the "302B" engine in it. now i know these arn't the best mustangs out there and all that jazz. but it was given to me and I love mustangs and right now the price is right. so first question. what does the 302 B mean? I know the 302 is the 5.0 but what about the "B"? does that mean boss or anything?

    second. I want this thing to haul some ass. I have about a 2000-2500 dollar engine budget. I 've heard various things about swapping out with a late 80's lincoln engine? Or would just simply rebuilding and hopping up the engine in it now be more worth it? so any recommondations on varius parts or idea's? I'am an auto mechanic so that would 2000-2500 on parts no need to worry about labour. I have full access to my shop and all the equpiment to do something like this. I am 22 years old and am just starting to learn about the old technology so any idea's and suggestions would be awsome!

    and for the record Iam not going to keeping it orginal by no means. I want the engine to roar the sound system to pump and the paint to shine when I am done. so all ideas are welcomed.

  2. J-sven, its a Ford 302 2bbl. They are pretty much the same from 1971 through 1979. I've never heard of a "302B".

    Add intake, port heads, add cam, add headers, improve ignition...you can get anywhere from 250 HP to 500 HP, depending on what RPM range you want to run in. More RPM means more HP and costs more money to build a reliable engine.

    The only thing different about the 302 in the MII is that the engine bay restricts your header choices, and the flexplate/torque converter or flywheel/clutch is a smaller diameter.

    The roller cam 5.0L HO motors in the '85-up Mustangs, T-Birds, and Lincolns is a nice upgrade, but you have to convert to carb, mechanical fuel pump, and deal with the different engine balance.

    For $2500 (in parts) you should be able to do a performance rebuild, add aluminum heads, headers, aluminum intake, new 4 bbl, and upgraded ignition...300 HP should be easy.

    I'll ignore the part about "not the best" Mustang. I'm surprised you didn't get flamed on that one! :)

    A 2500 lb Mustang with a 300 HP 302 is hot no matter what year it is...
  3. the IIs are in fact the best Mustangs, you are just learning grasshopper!:nono: