76 cobra II restoration

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  1. Hi I'm new to the forum and the mustang II so bear with me, now on to the project. I just got a 76 cobra II and have it mostly stripped down for the rebuild. It has a 302 motor and a 4 speed all I know about the motor is that someone has put 3500.00 bucks into it and will post info as I figure it out. I plan on posting lots of pics as I go there is alot to do on this car. I am by no way a body man and could use some input. I do have some fab experience and will be doing a front sub frame rebuild with sub-frame connectors. I have also come a cross some great ideas on this site and will be using some of them so I thank them and give them credit now. So here is what I have to start with.


  2. Cool, I was where you are at now a few years ago. I wasn't a body man either but now I'm getting better at it, just takes practice and advice from experienced persons. There's lots of challenges to rebuilding/modding the II, but that's one of the reasons why I like them :)

    Good luck with your project and welcome,
  3. Looks like a decent starting point. That hood that you posted the ? about, my 2 cents is lose the scoop and keep the louvers-at least see what they look like without the scoop-be a decent way of letting heat escape the engine compartment. I don't know what it would turn out like with cobra stripes, but a solid color might look good IMO. Good luck! :nice:
  4. Yep the body doesnt have any holes its the subframes in the front and floor pans. The floor pans had been patched but not to my standards they just put large piece over the hole and left all the rust under so Im going to get floor pans and cut everything out. As far as the subframes go Im going with 2 1/2 sq tubing up past where the radius arm mounting bracket bolts on and back about 30"s and then to the rear spring mount to try everything in see pic yellow line would be the sq tube hopefully straighter than in pic.

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