For Sale '76 Ghia For Parts/project $500

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 74stang2togo, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. I've had my '76 in storage at a friend's for nearly two years now, and while he's been patient, it bugs me to impose on him any longer, and I'm convinced that I'm not going to have the time or the room to re-assemble this car any time soon.

    The engine is currently out of it, the interior is mostly junk, it desperately needs a paint job, the battery tray area, roof (under the half vinyl, which is partially peeled back from when I last had time to work on the poor thing), and one quarter panel have rust that will need to be addressed long-term. The car currently doesn't have an engine, but I can include the engine that was being assembled for the car at the time that progress on it came to a standstill for a separate negotiated price. (The original is going into my dad's Capri II.) The car does still have a C4 automatic in it, dual 2.5" exhaust with Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers, it's 8" rear axle, and I'll include the aluminum Summit Racing radiator I was using with the car, as well as a set of V8 motor mounts. (The car was a factory 302 car). $500 will take it, bring a pickup and trailer, clean title in hand, and I'll throw in any odds and ends that you want and I don't from my storage unit (where we'll have to go to pick up the hood and radiator). It has chrome 14" steel wheels on it with old tires, and I'll include the stock 13s with tires and hubcaps for free if desired. The car is in Salado, Texas.

    Everything you see in the pics is included with the car (as well as the motor mount that isn't in the pics) except for the black grille. I bought that one from Todd, and I'll be running it in my '75. The silver grille from my '75 will be on the '76 sometime this week.I'm firm on the $500 price on the car because I figure the transmission and torque converter alone are worth about that much, and once you throw in the V8 motor mounts, it's either the steal of the century as a parts car or the start to a damn good project for someone.

    Here's the album of this car on Photobucket:
  2. As of last week I'm no longer employed, so I now have the time to deliver the car nearly anywhere so long as I'm reimbursed for gas and motel rooms.
  3. Car is still for sale. I'm employed again, so possible delivery will depend on work schedule. Had a buyer back out earlier this week. If it's a deal maker, I'll throw in a 5.0 HO long block that's been disassembled and needs to be rebuilt, with the Art Carr flexplate to make it a bolt-in for $150 more.
  4. UPDATE:

    Car never sold, after much thought, I've decided to part the car out. It had come down to that, or drop an engine into it and try to sell again. Trying to fund the few pieces I'd need to do that is cost prohibitive at this point, and there's a lot of things I can get done with both my '75 and my dad's Capri with parts from this car, and it could perhaps get a few people's cars here further along.

    As of this moment the rear axle(My dad's Capri), leaf springs (My '75), driveshaft (Capri), transmission (Spare, for me), and radiator (spare, for me) are spoken for, but all else is up for grabs. There are pics in the Photobucket album earlier in this thread, and I might take more next week when I drive the '75 down to where the '76 is being stored to compare them "side-by-side" to see what else will make the move.

    Taking offers on everything except parts listed above.
  5. Would you part the chrome trimmings on the front windshield and the steering column?
  6. absolutely, shoot me an offer on each.
  7. 200 for the column (including the casing around it with the turn signal switch) and trimmings and ill pay for the shipping
  8. Sounds good, I'll get the parts pulled Tuesday and get you a shipping quote and send you a PM with payment details!
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