76 Mustang II 5 lug conversion?

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  1. I have a 76 Mustang II hatchback i'm building up and was wondering if there's any other cars or trucks i could swap the front rotors out for to convert to 5 lug instead.
  2. There are 5 lug rotors available on eBay that replace the stock rotors, they are the same diameter as stock rotors just 5 lug pattern.
  3. Rotors

    I bought a set of the 5 lug rotors off e-bay, they are great quality, and i think i only paid 49.99 for the pair, plus 15.00 for shipping. perfect fit.

  4. You may be able to stop from speed once or twice with them.

    Don't count on being able to do it a whole lot.
  5. I second that. If you're making the conversion, you might as well bump up the rotor size. The 9" originals are grossly undersized for a car in the neighborhood of 3000 lbs. 11" Granada(~'75-'80) rotors are cheap. So are the GM calipers that usually work with these conversions, maybe $15 apiece. The trickiest part is finding the adaptor bracket, but all the streetrod shops carry them. Here's a set I just found on ebay...


    You'll also need hoses with banjo ends if you go with the GM calipers.
  6. E-bay Rotors

    I've had very good luck w/ mine, they seem to outperform the stock 9" rotors,(metal compsition?) I think it all depends on the quality of the rotor, And the type of pads you are running. I have been running bendix pads on my 9" e-bay special rotors, and have slowed down numerous times from tripple digit speeds with no shimmy's, shakes, or brake fade :shrug:

  7. Do a 'panic' stop, your experience will be different.
  8. Especially consider the fact that most people that do a 5-lug conversion end up running a wheel/tire combo that's more than 23.5" diameter. It takes a bigger rotor to stop the larger diameter tires.
  9. I found a kit looking around on the internet that has a kit with 11" granada rotors, GM calipers, brackets and calipers for $239 plus $25 shipping. It might be a good option for someone looking to convert to 5 lugs and big brakes on a tighter budget. Has anyone used this kit? Anyone think it would still be cheaper to shop out the parts one at a time? Seems cheap to me.

  10. Years ago, A1 sold a bunch of mustang replacement parts and swap kits. You used to be able to find A1 in most all the street rod magizines. They sold new actual 5 lug rotors, not redrilled, and they also had the granada conversion also, and other mustang II suspension components.

  11. Hello, I am also interested in doing a 5-lug conversion. My plans are to beef up my suspension, do a 5-lug conversion, and install four-wheel disc brakes. I was thinking 15 inch wheels up front/16 inches in the rear, with a 9 inch Ford rearend...I want to get a little more rear ground clearence to accomidate side exhausts. Are there any really good sources for Mustang II suspension parts?
  12. Thanks, great stuff on there! :hail2: