`76 Mustang rear

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  1. I picked one up at a swap meet. I thought it had the same bolt pattern as an early 4 lug wheel (`66) but was told by someone that this is incorrect.
    Were they right?
    If so does anybody need an 8" rear 3.00:1 open in northeast? :bang:
  2. You heard correct but yes too late. the early 4 bolt pattern and the 74+ are different. You could swap the axles but I'm not sure if the early 8" came in 4 bolt or not.
  3. I've never seen an early 8" with four bolts. If a Mustang came with an 8" I think you'll find it is a 5-lug with a V-8. If it had an inline six then it had four lugs and a diff with one of those bolt-on covers.

  4. Nope, definately 8" with 4 bolt pattern :(
    It`s about 1/2" smaller overall than a `66 4 bolt pattern

    BTW the tag reads 3 00 8
    Open 8"
  5. I had a 66 Mustang with the 6 cyl in it, and it was 4 lug, but had the 7.5 rear in it. My brother has a Falcon with an 8" rear, but it's 5 lug, small circle. I know some MII owners talk about using the early Mustang 8" axles for a budget 5 lug conversion, so I think Dmoody is right.

    If you need to stick with 4 lug, why not just redrill them with the proper pattern?
  6. Early Mustangs with 6cyl. engines had 4 lug 8" rears. The bolt pattern was 4 x 4.5. Mustang II 4 luggers are 4 x 4.25. The axles are not interchangeable due to different bearing diameters.
  7. Sorry, the early Falcons and Mustangs with 6 cyl. came with a 4-lug rear end, but they were 7.5". There were no early 8" 4-lug rears.