'76 T-Top Stallion

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  1. I must admit, the orange outer ring on the grill doesn't look that bad, one would have to see if the car was redone though lol. I can't see myself doing that touch to my King lol.
  2. The scrap yard will give him $600, yea right. The last time I checked metal was going for $8.50-$9.50 per/100 lbs. I recently sent a van to the yard that weighed around 3700 lbs and they gave me $322. I think metal was going for $9.75 that day. A Mustang II weighs what, 26-2700 lbs?
    For someone who wants the car I guess it's a good deal. If only to keep it from being crushed.
  3. Not a '76, and not a Stallion. That's a '78 with the Rallye Appearance Package. The grille surround is actually gold in color for that package. The taillight bezels are black with gold in grooves.