77 cobra headers with c6.HELP

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by The Observer, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. I need to find some headers that will fit without cutting my inner fenders, I want some kind of shorty...Anyone have any great ideas? What are you using?
  2. Headers do not exist for this combo in a Mustang II, I doubt there is room for custom made headers either. Putting a C6 in a Mustang II is much more trouble than it's worth and will serve no benefiet.
  3. actually there are headers made by heddman that will work in your car with a c-6. they are still available and are listed in their race header area. they require the use of a front motor plate as the tubes drop down where the stock motor mounts would be. they do have the motor plate and brackets as well. i have this set-up in my II and it was tight but all fit together. the c-6 is a heavy unit and not the most efficient transmission but can be easily modified to outperform even the best c-4 units. i have some pictures on my website that show the headers, front motor plate and the c-6 as well......totallywiredracing.com
  4. t.w. Racing, nice webpage beautiful car also nice pics. I am sure just about any combo of engine and trans can be shoehorned in a II but for the average owner some things are just out of the question. For those building all out race cars I doubt they come on the forums and ask if things are possible, with enough money and mechanical expertise anything can be done, but to the average novice I hate to say go for it and then have them get into a costly and agravating bind.
    just my .02
  5. So does the mid plate bolt between the engine/trans? and is welded to what? That car kicks ass bro! I think im gonna run the c6 and put stock cobra manifolds on with 2 1/2 back to flowmasters and run it mainly cuz im broke as a joke, Then after summer..OR during locate a c4 and build it up and get the hooker headers...Im just to far into everything now to change it all up. OR leave the c6 and invest in engine plates and the race header set up? Cost would probly be around the same?? Do you think it will be alright running cobra manifolds?? I know its frikin cheesy......
  6. Yes it bolts between the engine/trans and typically used in conjunction with a motor plate mounted on the front of the engine. The mid-plate is usually welded to the subframe (frame rails).

    Seems like a smart idea as long as you can get that C6 into the trans tunnel. I assume you are reffering to the Mustang II V8 manifolds (no difference between std. V8 and Cobra manifolds) and they will get the job done. Probably won't perform as well as it would with headers but at least the car will be drivable and you'll be able to enjoy it for a while. Personally Hookers and a C4 is probably the best streetable combo you could go with. TW Racing's car is a race car that he occasionally drives on the street. Your car will undoubtly be a street car with occasional track time. So figure out what the intended use of your car will be, and build accordingly.

    Here's the deal with engine plates... In short they are for racing. Yeah I know guys use them on their street cars but that's not the engineered intent. The motorplate tends to cause more vibration in the car even with the designs that use rubber isolator mounts. You need to ask the question, can you put up with chattering teeth everywhere you drive? As far as cost, you'll be able to recoup some $$$ from the sale of that C6. The Headman Super Comps are freakin expensive, $500 give or take last time I looked. The Hooker Competitions are cheaper and you won't have to buy motorplates to run the Hookers. A C4 is no big deal. You can find good used ones laying around just about anywhere for a song and a dance. However the Hookers will require you to use the correct MII bellhousing, flexplate, TQ converter, etc.. The Super Comp Hookers may not, but they are more $$$ (almost as much as the Headman Super Comps)

    Confused yet?:D

    Like I was saying above, if you are referring to the MII V8 manifolds, they will get the job done. You won't be ale to run 2.5" pipes up to the manifold (2.25 is the largest I could) but that's fine. Run your 2.5 pipes and have the shop reduce the size down to connect with the II manifold. Obviously you'll be reduing the headpipes later on with your header swap.
  7. actually it is a street car that i occasionally take to the track.
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