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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by IIGood, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey gang...some of you may recognize me from the MustangII.org days and such; I haven't been active in the II community for some time but good to see that the spirit of these little gems is alive and well.

    I've decided to try and sell my '77 Ghia, otherwise known as "II Good." I've owned this II since 1994, it was my daily driver until 2001, and it's pretty much been sitting ever since. It's been one of those "One of these days..." sort of projects (we all know how those go, right?). It doesn't look like I'm going to have the resources any time soon to bring it back to life so rather than it further occupying space in my parents garage, it's up for sale. It's a silver with silver vinyl half-top, black vinyl interior, V6, automatic (C3 tranny).

    I'll be honest, it's seen better days. Although, the interior is in great shape...the black vinyl is very good, the dash pad isn't cracked, and the dash overall is great. The dash panels are the lighter colored brushed almond style (not the burled walnut).

    Exterior is okay. The metal is rusting around the lower wheel wells and I can see some bubbling from under the vinyl top. All the chrome trim is in great shape...it was all replaced in the late 90's from Phil Schmidt's shop. The bumpers are excellent as well...no tears at the corners.

    Drivetrain: The V6 engine was replaced in '94 and has about 50K on it. Probably needs another rebuild as the last time it was driven (10 years ago), there was blue smoke coming out the exhaust. The transmission was rebuilt in '98 but was slipping at take-off last it was driven.

    Honestly, this would probably be more of a pretty good parts car than anything, if someone's doing a project on another solid car. It came off the road in 2001 because my mechanic told me that there wasn't much holding the front end in. I'm attaching a few pictures below; the car is located in the Annapolis MD area. I'm open to offers.

  2. Bumping this...still available, still sits in the same location. Again, open to offers...not looking to make a killing off of it, I just hope it can go to good use somehow. Would like to get maybe $800 out of it...could negotiate.

    BTW, at this point, it wouldn't be able to move under it's own power. Since it's been sitting so long, there's no doubt that the battery's dead, at the very least.
  3. Another bump...
  4. Dang Frank, hate to see you selling the ol' girl. If I were closer to Maryland I'd jump on that deal. But West Tennessee is too far me.
  5. Yeah, I hate to do it. But reality just hits a little too hard here...unless I hit the lottery I'm not gonna have the resources any time soon and its just collecting dust in mom and dads garage. Might as well try to pass it along to someone who might actually be able to do something with it. I have also just posted it on the local Craigslist and its gotten some interest.
  6. Hey how bad ix the front end I live in mi.
  7. Wow, I kinda forgot about this. The car actually sold back in July to a guy locally. Fortunately he's already done a little work to it and breathed a little life back into it, but still has a long way to go.
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