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  1. I've posted on here before but it's been a long time (and using a user account attached to an email I can no longer access!).

    I put my mustang in storage several years ago after it began having electrical problems and recurring overheating issues. I have since purchased a fan shroud, which was missing when I acquired the car. But I have lost the long bolt that goes through the fan assembly and into the engine. Do any of you know where I can get a replacement and/or know the size of the bolt? I remember it being quite long so I'm not sure if I can pick one up at Home Depot.

    When I put my mustang into storage I was unaware that there are fuel additives that can keep the fuel from going bad. So the fuel in the tank went bad long ago. I never started the car with the bad fuel. I wanted to get the fuel tank cleaned out and recoated. After having to saw the bolts off that hold the fuel tank straps together, I finally got the fuel tank professionally cleaned.

    That leads me to my next issue. I need to replace the sending unit, float, gaskets and pretty much anything else that would have been inside or directly attached to the tank before I can put it back together again. Where would I found those?
  2. Amaterasu, glad to have you back and sorry nobody answered you earlier.

    As I recall, the long water pulley bolts aren't particualrly unusual, they should have a standard (SAE) thread on them, and for a 302 powered MII they should be the same as any other 302 of that period. I seem to remember that they did have the blue thread locker. The online AMK Products list shows about 10 different bolts for Ford 1965-1973, depending on the finish and the length of the spacer. Unfortunately they don't list length, diameter or thread of the bolts.

    Mustang II Speciality Shop or SSC Enterprises should have the mounting parts you need. Someone was selling new stainless steel fuel level senders on eBay some time ago.

    Let us know how it goes.
  3. mustangs unlimited is selling new gas tanks as well not sure if it comes with new float and parts.