'78 King Cobra Carpet

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I just picked up a '78 KC that needs alot of work. I should have the 302 fired up shortly, but I noticed something strang in the interior.
    The carpet was missing in the hatch area. Not too concerned, but when I look at the carpet in the seating area, it looks too new and too odd. It is cut pile and very thin. It also has house quality carpet padding, so obviousy it is not original.
    I want to replace all the carpet. So the question is: Which carpet is original? Cut Pile or Loop?.

    I found a replacement manufacturer;

    Which should I order.

    By the way. I can't wait to start the rebuild. I'll be posting a lot of questions and searching for a lot of answers. I had built a '70 Mach I years ago. A buddy and I built up his '77 Cobra II back then too. I'm itchin to get back to wrenching a 'Stang again. Been doin' Jeeps for too long now.

  2. Welcome.
    Get some pics up. :nice:
    Can't help with what the KC had, are you restoring to original??
  3. Thanks!
    It's a bright red KC.
    I'll post pics sometime soon.
    Did any KC's have a sunroof? Mine has one that the previous owner said was original. The Buck Tag has the "KC" but no "SUN" on it.

    I'm not sure if I go original. I'm leaning more toward a modified look but keep the original parts for later. I might remove the bumpers, I like thelook of the '65 shebly apron and I might make my own rear skirt too.

    Time will tell. I'm gonna get the motor and trans (C4) freshened up first, then brakes and suspension, then the interior, lastly the body and paint.

    Parts sure are hard to find, but the previous owner stripped out a '76 Cobra from a yard and gave me all the parts. So I have extra doors, fenders, hood, bumpers and assorted stuff. Considering the car was complete (along with an original Air Dam), I've got a good starting point.
  4. A couple of pics. I was using my Jeep to push it into the garage. Hopefully, I'll be powering it in and out soon. Jeez!! the 32's on my Jeep look like monsters compared to those little 13's. LOL!

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  5. I think the mustang II organization has a vin decoder that will answer some questions for you, don't know about the sun roof though. Looks like a nice start :)
  6. Cut pile is original.

    No 3-door (hatchback) had a factory-installed sunroof. The roof option for those was t-roof. Coupes had a couple of different sunroof options over the years.

    May have been dealer-installed, but it was not an assembly-plant item on hatchbacks.
  7. I thought all Kings were 4 speeds?
  8. You want to stop pushing on the bumpers.
  9. I'll be replacing the bumpers anyway. I built a wooden spacer so I wouldn't damage the KC. My Jeep bumper was about 6 inches too high.

    The previous owner let it sit after a friend replaced the valve seals. When they went to start it, it went BOOM thru the carb. I knew it was a timing thing.
    I just just traced the spark plug wiring and it is all goofed up. I think his friend was thinking the cylinders were numbered like small block chevy's. I just need some free time and she'll be up and running.
  10. Usually it's because they get the distributor rotation backwards.
  11. All Kings were 302s, but either trans could be had.

  12. Amen. I was thinking the same thing.