78 Mustang 2 For Sale Good Body Hardly Any Rust

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 65fastbackresto, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. I bought this car as a parts car for my 65 mustang, i`m taking the rack and pinion steering, power steering pump, power brakes, and some other parts off the car. It has the V-6 option, factory air car, auto trans, 3.40 rear axle, the motor seems good although i can`t get it to run (but I am not spending money on that part anyway), it has a clean OK title, it is located in Mulberry, AR, and the body is pretty straight, other than the front fenders are a little bowed in from leaning over them working on the car (pretty sure they`ll pop out). the interior is kinda ragged, the front buckets are still in it but the back seat is gone, the keys are missing, and it`s sitting on 4 flats. Here is one thing I`ll tell you, you will have a hard time finding a straighter body with less rust than this one at $500 I`m selling it for. If you want pics, just ask and i`ll update the post. i will need time to get the parts i need off the car first just fyi.

    This is too good a car to go to the crusher, somebody could do well with this one.
  2. We appreciate you keeping this one from the crusher and not ripping it apart! Please do post some pics...
  3. its pretty dirty and supposed to rain this weekend, maybe early next week but i`ll get some up.
  4. Post some pics please
  5. Here we go, first for $500 I aint washing it, I wont charge extra for the rat poop in the floor, and just for the record, I have $390 in this car, the $250 purchase price, $100 tow bill, and $40 to a guy to get it firing. We pulled the dizzy out to check the timing, and I can`t get it back in the hole, it`s like the oil pump shaft maybe pulled up out of its hole and is leaning to one side. I pulled what I thought was the timing CHAIN cover off of it...and yea 2 big fat gears both in good shape. When cranking it over with a battery it sounds good like all cylinders have compression and no funky sounds coming from anywhere.

    I just can`t make myself molest this car its too good to tear up.

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  6. Oh i think my file sizes are too big, just take em down and i`ll have my daughter resize them later, sorry.
  7. If you could ask her to flip them too that'd be awesome, and maybe if you get a chance grab some interior shots. Interior stuff is the hardest to come across.
  8. Ok so im looking for a projeect for me and my kids can u tell me a little more about it...
  9. Finally got the oil pump drive out of it....took a $4 pencil magnet to get into the hole, i wanna hear this thing fire up today, i`ll let you know how it goes. It`s supposed to turn off cold and rainy for a week so todays the day!! Pray for me i`ll need it.
  10. First $500 can take it. Still haven't got it running, but I think it's close.
  11. Do you still have this car for sale?
  12. I still have it, I am waiting on a friend to commit or not though, I'll know within a week or so.
  13. Please let me know. Id definitely be intereated. im near Tulsa. I will come get it asap. I have a 76 cobra II I need the parts for. It was my fathers car and as you well know its almost impossible to find parts. I really need a hatch, door and lots of other misc stuff. This sounds like my perfect parts car. email me [email protected] and I can give you my phone number if he doesnt want it. thanks.
  14. Turbo I sent you a PM on this.
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