78 Mustang Ii Cobra Questions......

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  1. Just bought a 78 Cobra, took her for a ride and she is a single legger?
    I would of thought all of the cobras came with posi or multi slip posi?
    I am kind of car stupid can you guys help me get informed?
    Also the 2nd gear pops out when driving? What could that be?

  2. Bad 2nd gear lol it probably the syncronizer my 4 spd did the same thing so I put a t-5 in and it does the same so Ill be fixing that this winter
  3. When you put in the t5 did you have to do anything with the Bell housing or an adapter plate?
    I was thinking that also putting in a t5 much stronger and better for highway driving.
  4. Putting in a T5 does require a little fabrication. The input bearing retainer will need turned down to match the II's bell housing, otherwise the bell housing bolts up IIRC. The drive shaft also needs shortened about 1". The main fabrication comes from the cross member which needs to move back for the transmission mount. There are a number of different ways to go about the cross member, but one of the best is chronicled on this site. If you do a search for t5 conversion, I think you will find it. It involves cutting and fabricating the main frame cradle instead of modifying the cross member. It is a lengthy process, but if done right should be the strongest option.
  5. Oh yeah, forgot about the pilot bearing sleeve....