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    OK so the question is: What is the origonal tire size for a 1978 Mustang II.
    The tire sizes on the car now are (P185/70 R13)&(P185/80 R13). I supect thes are pretty close. What is intended is to use the 10 spoke alimnium 4 lug from a 1985 Mustang GT. For the newer 10 spoke I plan to use eather (P205/60 R15) or
    (P195/60 R15). I know some has tryed this because I have seen photos of a MII with those mags on it. I need the information for tire size calculation.
    I hope this stuf makes sence ? Thanks.
  2. At the top of the page is a large thread about different tires sizes that will fit. I would look at that and see if it helps you out any.
  3. Stock tire size was B78-13 bias ply and either BR78-13 or BR70-13 radials. Optional size was 195/70R13. You probably won't find any of those sizes on the market today, but you can find a 14" or 15" tire size that works by checking the thread that Sean referred to.
  4. They are still out there. Matter of fact BFG still makes that size as well as a few others that some have thought were long vanished.
  5. I ran ten holes on my car for 2 years. The set up was 225/60/15 all around I did use 1/4 inch spacer in the front. I think the situation was the rim would rub on the upper A arm in turns. Maybe trimming the stock A arm or a new tubular one would clear I just did the easy thing the shim spacer. I currently run turbines with one inch bolt on spacers all around tires 225/60/15 in front and 235/60/15 in back. Working on the new setup now rodlites 15X3.5 front and 15X8 rear.