'78 v6 to a 302

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by dodgeboy, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. I have a 78 with a 4spd 6cyl and want to know if i can put in a 302 and hook it up to the tranny? if not what would be needed or are there any sites that you can give me to look this up

  2. Sure you can it's fairly easy and a straight forward swap, you'll need a bigger 302 radiator, motor mounts, V-8 tachometer, best bet is to find a v-8 donor car. Is this a auto or manual trans?
  3. In the description it says 4 speed, If the engine is stock 139 hp 302 than it`s ok to use the 4 speed,you`ll need a v-8 Mustang II bellhousing,and a manual flywheel and clutch disc for a v-8.

    Just my opinion...i`ve been there and let me tell you the oem trany is crap...as soon as you wake up that 302...it WILL fail. After installing 3 manual RAD4 tranys...I went the C-4 way for a while....If you plan to drive the car like you just stole it and want to keep it stick...I would suggest that you find a T-5,preferably...like mstng2 said find a donor car,it`s the best way to go,If you haven`t baught the 302 yet than get an 85 to 93 mustang 85 are Carbureted but rare,and then you get the Hyd roller engine with at least 225 Hp and use the T-5 bell,Mustang II clutches aren`t great either.....the only problem is exhoust...simple solution is Mustang II manifolds,but Headman hedders fit with the big bell with a littlle massaging with a hammer and a torch.... :) One way or the other,you`ll have to get exhoust and muffler.Sometimes it`s better to wait and do it right,the money you spend installing something half ass is waisted....

    If you are on a budget than go ahead with a Rad4 BUT later on you will want to upgrade to a T-5,Once you try the 5th gear ....a strange thing happens in your Face it lokkds like that :D and you wonder why you waited so long to do it!!!

    It happened to me last April!!! :D Good luck with your project!