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  1. Pair of gray quarter panel interior pieces: $30 each or $50 pair
    Pair of hatch quarter windows: $30 each or $50 pair
    Gray interior trunk/hatch trim: $30
    Gray center console, including the center tray and arm rest: $75
    Gray front driver's and passenger side GT seats, plus rear seat for hatch: $150
    ***I will sell the entire gray interior for $300. This includes everything except for carpet, headliner, and door panels because I simply don't have those items. I will negotiate on the price if I have a someone seriously interested.**
    Driver and passenger side gray kick panels: $20
    GT ground effects with rear bumper (no front bumper): $150
    LX hatch spoiler: $20
    Blue 79-86 dash: $40
    Black notch rear quarter interior panels (originally blue): $50 for the pair


    Feel free to call with questions, 765-490-9390. I prefer local pickup only on these parts. I'm willing to meet someone within an hour of Lafayette, IN to help on delivery. Feel free to make any other reasonable offers as well.

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  2. $150 for the interior
    $100 for the ground effects package
  3. Bump, new prices...

    $150 for the gray interior
    $100 for the GT ground effects

    This stuff needs to go so I can use my garage....
  4. Willing to ship anything? If so, how much for the hatch carpet? Shipped to 06418.
    Do you have any close-up pictures of the quarter windows? Largely just concerned with the condition of the molding...
  5. All PM's replied to...

    Yes, I'm willing to ship the hatch carpet, $30 plus shipping? It does need to be cleaned; a basic carpet cleaner will get the little bit of dirt thats in it out. Otherwise, it's in good shape. Also, I'll snap the pics of the 1/4 windows. I recall them being in very good shape. I'll take another look at them and snap close ups of the trim.

    As I mentioned to everyone else who inquired on stuff, I will be out of town until Wednesday mid-afternoon so that will be the soonest I can get shipping quotes on stuff. I will post pics to those who requested them and get back with everyone regarding shipping costs. I'm going to take a truck load over to the local shipping store and take care of it all at once.
  6. If you haven't already sold the Quarter Windows, I would be interested in them. When you get back, please send a shipping quote my way to 63020.
  7. hi im new to the site i am interested in the gt ground effects w/bumper and the center console do you have any pics of the bumper and are you willing to ship to california ?
  8. Everything sold locally. Mods can delete this please!
  9. I would like to buy armrest & ground effects. How do I go about buying it new here.
  10. Would you ship the dash? If so how much to 68059
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