'79 EFI Fairmont running rough

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  1. '79 Ford Fairmont 4-dr
    EFI 302 from 95 GT
    '91 mustang wiring harness(two plugs at booster)
    Explorer MAF meter
    fox upper intake
    fox distributor
    fox throttle body and EGR spacer
    fox headers
    All stock except E303 cam and Paxton adjustable FPR(40psi vac line off)
    Mark VIII electric fan
    6G alternator
    V8 4R70W trans
    12" stock V8 converter
    Optishift controller
    2.5" y-pipe into single 3" straight through muffler
    no cats
    no smog
    no EGR valve
    3.55 gears

    PIP, fuel filter(Russell billet 40-micron 6AN), fuel pump(Airtex E2000), plugs(Autolite 25's), wires(Xact 8MM), cap, rotor, TFI module, coil, thermostat(195 degree), MAF(from a 95 GT, ran worse), computer with A3M, TPS is good(Optishift monitors/displays voltage), All grounds are connected

    Motor will run half-ass if base timing is above 20 degrees. Spits and stutters or dies if timing is set lower in park or in drive. Very laggy throttle response, and under load revs are not clean. Also feels like it doesn't have any power.

    KOEO codes:
    and a bunch of codes in the 80's(no EGR or emissions related stuff installed and fuel pump is wired on a switch)
    EEC will NOT perform KOER test(tried 3 different scan tools plus a test light)

  2. And compression is 150psi on all cylinders.