79 pace car Fox body go kart..RARE!!!

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  1. A member on a local forum I am on is selling an original 79 pace car go cart from 1979. He says its the ONLY fox go cart ever produced, so it must be pretty rare? Either way, its pretty sweet IMO.... Thought you guys might like to see this...

  2. Sick as hell, thats awesome and I want it but this thread is probably gonna get locked up.
  3. Would make the ultimate Tow Vehicle at the track :p
  4. Im not trying to help sell it... I don't even know the seller. I just thought that folks here would think it was cool.... I removed the link to the "for sale" thread so this doesn't get locked up...

  5. Awe man! I dont care that I wouldnt fit in it, I still want that!! :cry:

    EPIK can you PM me the link cause I am more curious to find out about it (not to buy as I am broke but just to learn more about it)
  6. PM sent Bill....
  7. Whoa I want that!!!!
  8. Thats pretty cool, someone should buy it and restore it.
  9. theres a guy on stangnet with that year pacecar in mint condition i saw him at nmra show at atco, be cool to have that sitting next to his car
  10. that thing is badass! a member on here should pick that up for sure :nice:
  11. seriously............I want that for me... I mean my kids. That is wicked!!!
  12. i'd take that...maybe there's enough room in the back to drop in a 23hp v twin zero turn motor :D....
    but then i remember i couldn't fit in it...
  13. im weirdo flexible i could fit it
  14. I still have an old amusement park go kart roller frame and a couple of old Briggs 5 horse motors in the shed... This gives me some serious ideas.
  15. They want about 8 times what the kart is worth. There are tons of "one off" karts out there. I have a Raymond Leong Hawaiian Punch kart in my garage. It was given to me. 3.5 HP original Tecumseh engine that runs. The seat isn't all torn up and no rust. Having the Mustang body is cool but not $800 cool.
  16. Whoa $800? maybe not then......I can't afford the gas for the kart.
  17. I seen a few near mint ones for sale from time to time.
  18. There was a Chevy Monza go cart for sale locally here for a while, I thought it was kinda neat
  19. These go-karts were made by FW & Associates in Tempe, AZ. They made the mini Volare wagon Tattoo drove on Fantasy Island. FW was for Fred Wagenhals, who later started the 1/24 scale Nascar & NHRA diecast craze with Action Performance. Here is an original sales brochure:

    FW.jpg FWOrderForm.jpg FWLetter.jpg
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  20. Holy old thread Batman! Cool stuff, though.