'79 pace car

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 5.0tbirdguy, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. A friend of mine got a deal on a '79 pace car with the carburetor missing. What are the performance options for this car? The turbo is mounted by the intake and sucks through the carb with no option for an intercooler. When new I imagine it came with a holley/weber 2 bbl. Would a regular Motorcraft 2bbl work well with an adapter?
  2. you'll have an extremely hard time tuning any other carb. I may have a carb to fit that car if you need one.

    Or I'll just buy the car instead :)
  3. This car now has a rigged 4bbl Holley on the it. What is the car worth in semi-poor condition? There is no rust but minor body damage and a nasty interior. The little green 'turbo' light comes on when you romp in the pedal still. We're thinking of a 351 swap after seeing how slow the car was last night.

    Just hate to see a rare car get gutted, but if nobody wants it-oh well.
  4. I want it but dont' have too much extra in the budget until after mid may.
    Let me know your location, the price and a picture if possible.
  5. He is dead set on a budget 351 or 393 buildup. I wouldn't give over $300 for the car but he wouldn't come off it for less than a grand. When I asked if he would take $800 he firmly decided to keep it. The hood and front bumper are about the coolest looking 4-eyed fox stuff I've seen. Nice rear spoiler too. Recaro seats are comfy but ripped. The 4-speed grinds second. The car is in Oklahoma.

    Oh well, another raped and imho- improved- collecters item.

    BTW what turbo is on this car? Would it be worth a turd in a tt setup?