$7K for a '90 GT with 71K new paint and extras?

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  1. How fair is 7k for a 1990 GT with new paint cat back exhaust, h pipe cam and 71k miles The car is really really clean with the only problems being the passenger side lock motor dosn't work and the air bag light comes on and the passenger side door had a 2 inch scratch. He's really firm at this price I tried to talk him down to even 6750 and he said no
    Any opinions on this would be appreciated, thanks
  2. the only advice that I would give you, is have it checked out by a mechanic, do a carfax report on it, and sleep on it. Decide if you are ok with spending 7k on it and then if you are, dont let anyone get you down about it. we all have our own ethics and thoughts on what is too much and what is ok. It just comes down to what you are ok with paying. Some people can justify a 4-500 car payment for a new car, but I can't.
  3. id say walk away.. that price is too high. When i was looking to get a fox, i found the one i bought now, 1989 the guy wanted 6,000 for it, it had relatively new paint, lots of extras, incredibly clean, 96K miles, all adult owned. I looked at it, talked to the guy and what not,,,and walked away. He soon came down in price to 5,000. This was 2-3 months later, i let the car sit around at the 5,000 price a little, and went back to see him, test drove the car, and chatted with him a little, and talked to him and asked him bottom dollar, he wanted 4,500 bottom dollar. I told him id think about it and walked away again. a month later he still had the car, sitting in the garage, i gave him a call, and told him id swing by and see if we could work something out. I came over, he had the car in the driveway all ready to go. It was a sunny day out and right then i fell in love with the car, seeing it gleaming in the driveay and i thought "im going to have this car today" i talked to the guy, bullsh1tted a little bit. and told him 4,000 dollars cash and ill take it away today... he hemmed and haweed, and he took 4,100, and delivered the car 3 hours later to my house. he came down 2,000 dollars on the price. If he waited a couple months he could defnitely have swung 5,000 bux. But once people start waiting and dont see much of a market, or many offers they get a little anxious. Especially if the wifey is making him sell the car :lol: so the moral of the story,,, a good thing is worth waiting for,, if the car was sold for 6,000 then it wasnt meant for me..... just look around, and you will find something :nice:
  4. I agree with stang2004 on that you should wait it out a little , but the story usually won't end like his did if you wait that long.
  5. I was going to sell my car two years ago and had plenty of people stop and were interested.None would pay what I wanted cause it has alot of extras.Its not just a clean low miles gem.Two came back a couple months later and offered me less then I wanted then one offered a little more but I changed my mind by then.I even had a guy stop about a month ago asking if I wanted to sell it.I felt like saying do you see a for sale sign no then I guess no.So don't loose out on a nice low miles clean mustang.They are getting hard to find that are not either beatin to death or very high miles.
  6. I'd say that price is high. My car costed $6800 with 50K miles, beautiful original paint, interior and never in the snow, along with about $3000 in performance parts reciepts. I'd say shop around more, as for $7,000 for a 14 year old Mustang with obvious problems is way too much. The air bag light coming on is something I'd run away from, personally.

    Good Luck!
  7. ya i have seen stangs going for 7k with way more mods than that and half the miles.
  8. I recently bought mine for $6300. it had 70k on it, perfent paint, really clean black interior, and a few goodies. I suppose I could have waited a lil (Only for sale for 1 day), but I really wanted it and was afraid of it selling. The asking price was $7200 I beleive. There was an identicle one down at a lot for $8000 w/ 50k, and well...leather. But, I would check it for problems at least. :rolleyes:
  9. i got the GT in my sig for $6500 and that was probably too much, although it did have a Powerdyne BD-11A supercharger on it. Paint is ok and interior isn't the drivers seat is horrible, but point being, 7 grand is a lot. One of my friends found a 91 Corvette 6 speed for 7 grand a couple days ago...I'm thinking about it...(Keeping the GT of course)
  10. Depends on where you live. Around here its really hard to find a clean, decent mileage fox at any price. Ive had several people tell me they looked for months and couldnt find a fox taht wasnt ragged out around here. If the car has matching vins on ever panel id definalty take it. But thats me. I also paid $7500 for mine with 73k on it.
  11. well here in peru there is a 92 saac mk 1 with 330whp 4k miles(raced once then stored) bilstein shocks simmons 17's(stock) hd t5 with short throw, 4 wheel disks and 5 lug for 8500, but i was to late didnt have the money ;/

    now sir that was a deal, that car in 92 costed roughly 52 grand
  12. Thanks for all the advice. It's been 2 weeks since he's been selling it and he's been firm at his price while I've been firm at mine 6500. I guesss I'll just wait him out some more