8,000 units

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  1. Certification process for dealers has been announced!

    Shelby GT 500 Allocation and Distribution Plan

    As of current production forecast we expect around 8,000 units to be produced for sale in the United States in the 2007 MY. Dealers who complete the certification process will be eligible for the following allocation:

    One unit for any dealer that completes Certification Requirements
    Two incremental units for each dealer who was a full line SVT dealership as of 2004
    One incremental unit for each dealer who was a Focus Only SVT dealership as of 2004
    One incremental unit for 2005 Presidents Award winners
    Remaining production will be based on Mustang Share of Nation formula. This will be determined once dealer certification has been completed.
  2. is that number inclusive of units sent north of the border. dogsled rides and baby seal whackin' gets rather boring after a while...:rolleyes: any info would be great. :canada:
    ...and one of these too
  3. So where are those 8,000 US ( probably 9,000 world wide) units going to come from?

    Will Ford build fewer Mustang GTs so it can make GT500s?
    Or will Ford build fewer Mustang V6s and use the capacity for GT500s?

    Seeing the dealers around me have far too many V6s, one would hope that Ford cuts V6 production to make way for the GT500s.
  4. I wouldn't think that it would be difficult to squeeze another 8000 units out.

    As for V6 supplies, my local dealer doesn't have enough. I checked on how many Escapes are on the lot compared to Mustangs (the Escape outsells the 'stang by about 30%) and there were 21 Escapes compared to only 8 Mustangs. And that included V6, Gts, coupes and ragtops. Any decent size dealer needs at least 20 'stangs if they are going to have a minimum of choices for consumers.
  5. Dealers received more info from Ford today on the GT500 which said 7,000 GT500s (I assume for the US).

    Altough any dealer can become approved to sell GT500s, there is a certification process and $1,500 fee. So I'd imagine that some of the small dealers that would get only 1 GT500 may decline.
  6. The EFC to the dealers says 8,000 and that's just for the U.S. Not sure what FOC will get. I'm not sure how the Shelby's fit into production. Good news is that the startup production stats for 2007 MY show 60% for GT production (maybe a small percentage is the Shelby, not sure).
  7. The Ford rep at the OKC auto show two weeks ago said 10,000 Shelbys in 2007 and the same amount in 2008. Do they really know? I would bet the delivery date is about a month or so late. Seems every time a new vehicle comes out it's always late.
  8. That's not good news, that's great news :banana:

    Most of the dealers around me have more V6s than they know what to do with and not enough GTs.

    The March 07 Dealer order guide sill only lists 38% GT (Total all GT models coupe & vert) as the build mix. So hopefully this is a change in the build plans since the guide was written.