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  1. im am right now as of with out a car. i have always loved the sound and look of fox body mustangs & have been learning as much as i can about them. so the deal is i have about $8,000 and no car. i have wanted a stang for years now and would just like to know what you all think could be possible. i know im going to get flamed,but the previous 2 years i've been working with hondas. i did about 5 motor swaps on friends cars & two on mine, along w/installing a turbo kit & all sorts of modding and wiring, so installing parts/wrenching or whatever isnt a problem. but i know i was meant to own mustang.i just dont want to end up with a **** stang for 8k in the end. all ideas and comments are welcome. thanks
  2. Buy an older '79 Pace Car of Cobra. Get it with the V-8 option. For 8K, you should be able to buy a low mileage original in close to mint condition. It'll definitely get you looks at the shows and out on the road.
  3. well it depends what your going for. If your just goin for a nice street car, and can work with cars well, Id suggest buying a 4cyl car (generally unbeaten), drop in a stout engine/tranny, do a 5lug conversion including an 8.8 rear, nice wheels, better brakes, and some new shocks and Id say your about outta money. But youve got a well rounded car there.
    Also a lot depends if your willing to go junkyard searching and the like. Good luck, and dont worry about the hondas, there was a guy here not long ago that was goin on about how he sold his stang and bought a honda...now he got flamed.
  4. With 8 thousand you can find a really nice clean fox if you are patient and carefully search for one. Go with an 89-92 fox becuase those are the best years. Look for a low mileage almost stock stang in that price range and it should be mint.

    You may even find a 93 Cobra if you are lucky.
  5. $8K will easily buy you a nice clean fox... just be patient and you'll find it...
  6. so finding a mid-high milage stang & supercharging it is out of the question? that's mainly what i was looking for. im dieing for that supercharger sound&feel. if not a sc then just 8k for a clean stang & no bolt ons? im just stuck w/the stang then huh...hm. and that 4cyl you're talking about, what make/model? the SVO?
  7. Dude for 8 grand you can buy a really nice stang already modded up the ass. even supercharged stangs. Just check out the classifieds on here and on the corral.net and youll know what i mean.
    But i do have to say be patiant 8 g will get you a whole lotta fox.
  8. You can find a 89-93 stang (I personally like the 93's:nice:)...as said EASILY for 5k and a 6psi S/C trim from Vortech runs around $1800 bucks and then you got a bit of playing room with the money and supporting mods.
  9. buy a rolling chassis with an 8.8 for 1500.

    drop in a crate motor for 4000 and procharge it for 2500.

    450 RWHP.
  10. awsome. thanks for all of the quick replys. if any of you possibly know of a stang for sale near chicago area, let me know! i've been haunting ebay and autotrader & buying the auto trader magazine weekly. going nuts, but not too nuts. now say i do buy a stang with roughly...80k w/minor mods like exhaust,intake. could i just toss on a 6psi super charger kit & go? would i have to buy a new clutch (if its not too worn out), injectors, fuel pump, fpr? i've been reading,but no one really asks the questions i am
  11. I meant get a 4cyl car and convert it to a v8.
  12. I'll sell you a damn-near stock 89 GT that needs some TLC for a reasonable price. :D You won't be putting a S/C on it though--high miles and ready for a rebuild. But it would be a hell of a car to play with. Brand new exhaust all the way back. These guys are right--$8K will get you a WHOLE LOT of Fox, whether you buy one already modded, or get an inexpensive one and put your $$$ into it.
  13. Without a doubt if your mechanically incline, buy a bone stock 5.0 and build it up yourself. I bought my 5.0 from an old man in absolute mint condition for 5800.
  14. i'll sell you my stock stang. 68,000 miles, 91gt 5 sp all stock. Still has the original plug wires, silencer, ac works, new paint job and a clean car fax. NC car.
  15. you can definately get a supercharged, or a fox with some sort of 351 based engine or maybe even a turbocharged fox for 8 grand if you get lucky...ive seen them before..but anyway you look at it you can get a sweet fox for $8,000 oh and when you do get the car, post pics please!!!
  16. wow, im surprised at how nice everyone is being on these forums. usually people knock mustang guys, but usually the ones talkin the **** are the not-so-knowlegable import fellows. well, hopefully one of you can help me find my dream car, but im still on the prowl. thanks again
  17. That or go by the theory :

    Built, not bought.
  18. good luck and welcome to stangnet. let me warn you, 5.0 talk is almost all drama and arguments tho.
  19. Bet it all on one hand of roulette ..... j/k. Tale your time finding the right car and don't rush into it. Good luck :nice: