8.8 in 67????

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  1. What type of 8.8 rear end can be put into a 67???

    I was looking at either one from an 86-93 mustang or

    one from a 94-98 mustang which already has the disc brakes in. If not what can be done to this type to make it fit other than narrowing it??? Disc brakes without having to hassle with bolting on conversions would be way cool.

    Let me know guys thanks
  2. were you the same person I was talking to about a month ago about this???
  3. aight, well I just put one in from an 87 and had very few problems, you can get everything you need from summit and your local parts store for under 250$, if your interested in part numbers lemme know, the 87 rear was 1/8 th of an inch wider than my 8" , my stock driveshaft works fine without being shortened although I may have it shortened a half inch just to be safe, there is only 1/2 to 3/4 inch travel left in it
  4. Is the 67/8 rear wider than the 65? I assume it is but...
    In my 65 I am getting it setup for an 8.8 out of a Ranger. It already has 3:73's and a trac-lock :)
    Also it is about 1/2" narrower than my stock 8", which is great with the offset of my wheels.
    I had to flip the spring perches, and cut off the shock mounts, but no biggie. Also it is easy to swap to discs as you know.
    A great fit is an explorer rear end.. Newer ones are disc already, and have good gears/trac lock. Plus the explorer rear is the same - 1/4 " wider than the 8", and also the spring perches are in the right spot.
    It is a good swap IMHO, my 65 is basically all late model, I can not wait to get it finished.
  5. I've heard somewhere that the ranger and explorer center section is offset, ir that true??? if so how did you get around it
  6. Check out this site here
  7. Ok OK but will one from a 94 and up mustang be the same as one from an explorer???

    I really need to tell this guy if I want it yes or no for $300. Complete

    I'm probably just going to need to go and measure it.

    Kinda wish I still had my sn-95's.

    Woo HOO SVO1 I aslo had an 84 SVO. My brother has it now.

    Black with a grey leather interior.
  8. Fos- Sadly about th eonly Stang I do not have in an sn95, so I dunno on the width of it :(

    Yeah the 84 SVO is my wife's and it is undergoing some mods, and it is Med canyon red, with grey cloth

    My SVO (avitar pic) is an 85, also med canyon red/grey cloth.
    They are fun cars!
  9. sand1man i would like the info on the swap.
  10. hey man sorry it took so long, it's been one of those weeks, ok the rear I got came out of a 87 mustang of course it was 4 lug to begin with, I first had to gring all the brackets off to make room for spring perches I went ahead and cut the excisting brake line on it to make it easier to gring on it, after grinding the old stuff up I set mine up to get the pinion angle and transfered it to the new one, messureed from the center out to make sure i had the perches in the right place and welded them up, my old rear was an 8" rear, on the drivers side there was a bolt that held the brake line block to the rear the 8.8 has one but on the wrong side so I just took a stud and welded it to the tube to hold it down, next a pulled the axles out of the 8.8 and put mine new 5 lugs on, I did have to get the lugs pressed on but other than that nothing else, the bearings on a 8.8 are not pressed on, they just slide on, next came the brakes, I kept the same backing plates from the 8.8 and moved my parking brake cables to it with no problems they fit in the same hole that the 8.8 cables came out of, after that just put the 8.8 brakes back together and put the new 5 lug drums on, I was also able to use the same brake line that came off of the 8" they were a tad long but with a little careful bending you'll never tell the diff, all of this minus putting it back in the car took 5 hours it was actually pretty easy, as for the parts

    axles were part #SAG-EV80-28 $249.99 which are 28 spline superior axle , from summit racing

    spring perch part # DCC-4120074 $12.95 from summit racing

    Brake drums I have no part # but I got them at advance auto for 35$ each they are for a 87 Ford Ranger

    I also had to get a different U joint since the 8.8 and my 8" are diff sizes it was 8$ at advance auto and as luck would have it I no longer have that part # sorry

    also the rear I got did not have the driveshaft companion flange, where our rears th u joint connects to the driveshaft and the rear end with u bolts the 8.8 is a bit diff it uses a press in type u joint on all 4 sides you will have to get this piece from ford but it is only 20$ the rear will have a round flange with bolt holes around it this piece bolts to the rear and the other end has holes for the u joint hope that makes since, if you get an 8.8 you will see what I am talking about when you try to hook your driveshaft up

    my driveshaft after all is said and installed has about 1/2 " of slide room, this is working fine for me now but it really isn't enuff especialy if you have soft rear suspension so you amy have to have it shortened I was quoted 60$ to take an inch off and rebalance it

    Summit also has a axle conversion tha tincludes the rear drums for $197.95 part number FMS-M1126A not sure if it has the bearings and studs though

    if you go with the summit kit you should be able to get out for around 250 bucks plus getting the driveshaft shortened

    if it matters any my car is a 302 with a c4 tranny

    hope this helps if not drop me a line and i will see what i can do
  11. svo1 so an explorer 8.8 raer end is the easist ways to go?
  12. In what year car?

    Well now I made good friends with a guy that owns a differential shop.

    All my work is free and anything he has is mine also free with parts at cost. WOO HOO

    8.8 from a 94 cobra with larger rotors than regular stangs and they are vented is going on the fastback.

    a 5 lug 87-93 housing is going into the coupe.

    They both will have 3.73 gears with a special built posi that he made. Same as eaton but without carbon clutches, they are steel.

    The housings are the same BTW.

    Thunderbirds,lincolns, mustangs. So that makes it nice.

    They go on no problem.

    On a 66' below all you would need are some wheels with a 5.75 backspacing to make it fit.