8.8 Irs Swap Questions??

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  1. im looking to do a irs swap on my 96.
    just wondering what years i can steal a irs unit off of,

    and i believe the tbirds had one too ,not sure if it will be a direct bolt up tho
  2. 99-01 & 03-04 Cobras would be it I believe. Ask around and see if there is a Cobra owner in the area that wants to ditch his IRS and see if they'll swap with you. Rear axle and suspension that is. I found a guy with an 04 that is gonna swap for my GT stuff. Trading straight across, but I threw in a set my new 3.73's with an install kit.
  3. What jetmech said. We can only interchange with sn95's. Thunderbirds and mark 8's are on different chassis from us. I would ask around and see if some one wants to swap you.
  4. ya i changed my mind last night lol , i think im just gona end up fabricating a watts link and torque arm , and a set of heim jointed lca's .and ditch the upper lcas

    i ll throw up some pics when i get around to building it. with some measurements ect

    fyi im building a drift car lol im pretty sure solid axle will be fine for now , i mean i all ready upgraded it, 410s and auburn diff

    butt thanks for the quick answers least i know now what will work
  5. Sweet :) keep us updated.
  6. You sure you don't want the drivers behind you to see this lovely sight as well as the increased handling??


    Excuse the dirty garage, we were moving at the time so things were thrown everywhere.
  7. txredgt i must admit that is one sexy sight lol,

    but i think a watts link n torque arm shall suffice for now lol, i still got a ways........ to go before i get to that point so who knows i may change my mind again lmao
  8. Looking forward to that view on mine.
  9. Thanks man. I know of a few people who have done the watts on their SRA and they are quite happy with it. I went pretty dang far with mine before installing it in the car with FTBR bushings and powdercoating everything. The only things I didn't do is coilovers and replace the dif cover but I did go with a brace. The car (when actually moving) handles so much better than the stock, tired 96 SRA did. Now to get my car's motivation under the hood fixed and then I will be a happy camper.
  10. ya im makin most of my suspension parts front lcas rear lcas watts link torque bar , i might make the front n rear sway bar not sure yet. some things i just dont see the vavlue the way they price things ya know. the only thing im buyin for sure is coilovers lmao