8.8 rear end on a 2.3L???

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  1. Ok , well I must be honest, I have huge plans with my LX for late next year, basically alot more power. Anywho , my first step is to start do the mods when I can. First I'm swaping my A4LD for a T5 (yes congrats about time), then I plan on doing a 5.0L brake system of course converting my wheels to 5 lugs (yes I need new tires and rims). Ok the Point. I have my hands on a 8.8 rear end and currently have the 7.5. what can I expect for performance while still running the 4 banger motor? will it be harder on the engine, or just lower performance? or am I completely wrong?

  2. It's going to add some weight to the vehicle, as the 8.8" axle is a little heavier. Other than that, it has a bigger ring and pinion so there is more rotating mass also. In general it's going to actually hurt you a little while you are still using the 2.3L, i'm assuming it's an N/A 2.3L.
  3. However, depending on the gearing, if you are planning more power in the future, ala turbo, it would be a wise upgrade. Maybe not necessary, but im sure others with more experience will chime in.

  4. I'm still running a 7.5 rear.
    Yeah definately gearing can help you to a point.
  5. when i do my turbo swap im am going to be buying my neighbors 8.8 with trac-loc and a 3.73. That will be good for the turbo engine right?
  6. yeah, but unless you are going to make some serious launches at the strip, a 7.5 would hold up fine. I plan to use a 7.5 until I actually break it!
  7. should be nearly bulletproof. just dont let me around it or it will break.
  8. lol I've made seriously launches at the strip...(or least as hard as it would go) with my 7.5" It "clacks" some but seems to be ok still.
  9. I had a 8.8" with 3.73's on my old 2.3... the only performance gain is that with a trak-lock u now have to spin 2 tires, making a stock 2.3 NA virtually impossible to break the tires loose. So it helps your launch... but affects your "cool level" hehe. I didnt seem to have a problem with a brake stand in 2nd gear with my NA however... :shrug:

    Just make sure that if you put the 8.8" behind your A4LD you put one in with 3.73's or higher... a low gear ratio will just destroy any ammount of torque your motor and tranny combo puts out... stock 2.3/A4LD's came with 3.73's in 7.5"... if you put a 8.8" from a 5.0 with a T5, you're getting a 3.08 rear end... you probably wont even be able to get moving. :notnice: I think the AOD 5.0's have 3.27's...
  10. Thank you for the info guys. Its just what I needed to hear. I guess I will hold off the rear end until I do the overhaul. Thanks :D
  11. well my neighbors got a 5.0 but it is nasty. bout to do a 347 as if his engine with the mods hes got on it now wasnt enough. but he went and got the rear end out of a turbo coupe (88) and is doing the all wheel disc brakes. hes pretty good with all this stuff and is stoked bout me doin my swap. but his car is a 5.0 and has a t-5. but he put either 3.73 or 3.55s. that shouldnt hurt me should it?
  12. I'm thinking about taking the traclok off a junkyard car for my car. Really the only reason anyone would install one on a weak car is for the mud and snow traction. Open differential severely pisses me off when I'm trying to get unstuck.
  13. I know you gonna laugh but can you explain to me what traclok is? Sorry dumb question but I don't know alot about that.
  14. its posi but for fords. no more one-wheel-wonders.
  15. Torque is divided between two axles, one for each rear wheel. This way the wheels can turn at different rates around a curve, while still having power applied to both. But if one wheel loses traction altogether, the other stops and that "loose" wheel spins at twice the speed, as all the torque is diverted to it because it has less resistance to rotation. This results in poor driving force.

    A limited slip differential has a wet clutch pack between the two half-axles. They can still turn at different rates from one another when rounding a curve in which both tires have good traction, as the adjoining clutch can slip. And if one wheel loses traction, the other wheel's resistance to rotation is not great enough to completely overpower the clutch and so both wheels are forced to turn anyways. So with a Traction-Lok (Ford's name), you will not encounter wheelslip until the applied torque is great enough to break BOTH wheels loose.
  16. that was absoulutly beautiful ray. beat the crap out of mine.
  17. I actually broke mine! Here is a pic of some carnage. :D I completly wore out another to the point where the axle's moved a half inch in and out. :nice: I now have a 8.8 disc in there with no more problems. I do race mine though.

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  18. Ok so now I look for a 8.8, but whats up with the gear ratio. I mean I can go to a junk yard and find a 8.8 (from the pics I saw) but I don't know if its a
    3.73 or 3.55. This seems more confusing then I expected. Also is there 8.8 with and without Traction Lock?? I knew what posi ment from my family owning chev. so I guess i just needed to know that Traclok is the ford name.
  19. Well here's another end of the question.

    I did a GT brake upgrade. Have a Trac-Loc unit from a Ranger AND the rear end from a 93 AOD. Currently I have a 4cyl 5 speed that is slowly getting converted to a carbed 5.0. I'm not worried about thins holding up and such but I am making the move to 5 lug. I already have my tires/Wheels. Now to my question

    Do 7.5 axels fit 8.8's? I know i'll have to go to 8.8 eventualy and don't want to have to rebuy stuff. Also are there any rebuild kit's for the trac loc unit?

  20. Its hard to tell what all came non Trac lok for me. If its in a car like a 5.0L or a TC then its probly got one. If the rear end is out of the car there should be a ID tag on the pumpkin ( gear houseing) that is stuck on by one of the bolts. It should say Trac Lok/posi etc. It should also have the gear ratio on it. Now if its still in the car usualy the Auto will have the depper gears like 3:73's and the sticks with 3:55's. The older TC's (83-86) I think came with 3:42s on the stick cars but they was 7.5 rear ends. If it was me I would only swap in a 8.8 if I needed/wanted a few things like: Beefyer rear end for more power, rear disc brakes, or a Trac Lok. My 7.5 Trac Lok does me ok but its a daily driver with a few street races. If you plan to beat the hell out of this car in stuff like Auto Tox then you may want to go with the 8.8.

    Good Luck.